50 things you can only do at Glastonbury

August 17, 2012

To celebrate there being just 50 days until the Glastonbury Festival 2013 tickets go on sale on October 7th, we thought we’d post a list of 50 of our favourite answers to the question, "What’s your favourite thing that you can only do at Glastonbury Festival?" which we posed on Twitter recently. Thanks to everyone who responded – it really was lovely to read through them all. Don’t forget, if you’d like to buy a ticket for Glastonbury 2013, you’ll need to be registered in advance.

1 just walking through the gates and realising you’re at glastonbury-like nothing else on earth!!!

2 watching the sunset from the stone circle on wednesday night before it all kicks off

3 No better way to clear your head from a night of partying than a naked Sauna at Sam’s Magic Hat

4 Imagining for a few days what it would be like if everyone was always that happy, helpful and kind.

5 Sat with a cider listening to pirates tell you stories. Amazing.

6 find vegetarian Moroccan, Indian, British, African food within metres of each other

7 Getting mugged for my burger bun by a man dressed as a giant papier mache seagull in the theatre fields #didthatreallyjusthappen

8 walk/stumble/float round knowing you’re enjoying yourself more there than you would be anywhere else at that time

9 see a mermaid in ‘fish and tits’ bar

10 Have a doze in a sun drenched field and have friendly random people nudge you to let you know that you might be burning.

11 Eating a mezze from the Armenian food shop in The Park while standing in the rain in wellies listening to Radiohead!!

12 join the Re-Play Music project in Kidz Field. Learn to be a band. Leave with a recorded CD..Only @ GlastoKidz Field

13 laughter yoga up in healing fields
14 Watching a man cycle a piano whilst playing the Entertainer, through ankle deep mud #OnlyatGlasto

15 Being woken up by the fluttering of the flags on the hill and a naked man on a bagpipe

16 staying up all night and getting lost in Shangri-La

17 Visit the Strummer memorial with friends and ponder a life well lived…

18 take a nap in an empty rug floored tent, and wake up surrounded by a Yoga class who’ve kindly let me snooze on. Lovely people.

19 dancing with the Hare Krishnas at 3 in the morning

20 party all day with 175,000 other people hassle free with no aggression, no intimidation and just happy happy people

21 I love sitting at the top of the hill on the rickety bench outside the chai-tea-teepee and watching the sunrise over tentland

22 cover myself in body paint, wear tie-dye and fairy wings and STILL seem completely normal! 😀 #onlyatglasto

23 Having a Klinsmann-off through the middle of Shangri La.

24 Hearing poetry in a treehouse cafe, drinking chai tea in green fields w/men in drag, cloudwatching without a care in the world

25 Getting the White Rabbit’s riddle correct, crawling through the rabbit hole, then watching an old episode of The Wombles #trippy

26 Having the intention to go and see a band I love only to get sidetracked on the way by someone playing the spoons or washboard!

27 Watching the band playing the sunset timeslot on the Pyramid Stage. Absolutely unbeatable.

28 Climb the hill with the flags on, resisting the temptation to look behind you until you reach the top #whataview

29 Listening to Tony Benn’s Sunday "sermon" in the Leftfield tent!

30 spend a few days in paradise living a life i wish i could live forever.

31 to get a taste of what it truly means to be free #nothingcompares
32 go to the club where you have to have a moustache to get in. AND if you don’t have one they make you put one on! Amazing!

33 Cheer when the sun comes out and hear it move over the site. Beautiful sound 🙂

34 going in a small group the first time and the group growing and growing each year as you all go back #infectiousglasto

35 sitting with homemade elderflower cordial and houmus at permaculture

36 easy, I love dancing until the cows come home 🙂

37 only at G can you visit a homeopath, a reiki ‘healer’ & a chiropractor and then listen to @bengoldacre IN THE SAME FIELD

38 to go from eating steak, to watching a secret pulp set at the park and to finally find yourself in a rabbit hole all within 2hrs

39 Surely watching Rolf Harris with 75k other people has to feature quite high on the list?

40 buy milk from a cart painted to look like a cow.

41 Nap in a hammock with an afternoon tea & toast whilst dream-pop blasts out from the Park stage.

42 drink shots of Sambuca out of Moon Cups (clean ones, obviously)

43 arts, theatre, comedy, the tea ladies, fire shows and serendipity #bestofglastonbury

44 I love laying in the cabaret tent watching the comedians when I’m trying to shakeoff the hangover from the previous 4 days!

45 act as free and as weird as possible without being judged!

46 The famous Cider bus and on to the Longdrop, got to take the ruff withthe smooth#Glastonbury2013

47 on the last night sitting at stone circle to watch the sunrise surrounded by newly found friends and flickering candles.

48 Watch people’s faith in the human race lift due to the overwhelming good vibe. Becomes a pilgrimage for fans and artists alike.

49 I love getting delicious handmade food in the middle of the night washed down with real Somerset cider served from a bus

50 the best thing about glasto (and the worst) is realising no other festival compares 🙂 roll on June 2013!!

Photos: Jason Bryant, Andrew & Joey Allcock and Charles Gervais

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