In 2016, a dark and steamy meatpackers’ warehouse appeared in the Block9 field, opening a brand new chapter in the story of the infamous NYC Downlow.

Homo-centric hedonism for sexed-up, go-go butcher boys and a militant trans-army turning it out to music supplied by a hand-picked selection of the world’s finest DJs. Not for the faint-hearted – enter at your own risk.

01 ARCH0561_CROP Joe Hayhow (1)

Block9. A 24-hour wonderland of heavyweight sound systems, underground nightclubs, huge artworks and extremely alternative performance. This is the legendary go-to area for those in the know, with three separate and jaw-dropping parties: Genosys, The NYC Downlow and The London Underground.

For 2017, Block9 and The NYC Downlow celebrate their 10th birthday with a thrilling line-up for underground music connoisseurs. Not to be missed.

02 3B4A7995 Martin Perry (1) 03 3B4A7558 Martin Perry (1) 04 DSC_1171 Egle Trezzi (1) 05 DSC_9841 Egle Trezzi (1) 06 (1) 07 (1)
08 DSC_1137 Egle Trezzi (1) 09 DSC_9197 Egle Trezzi (1) 10 Genosys Exterior (Pete Podworski 2013) (1) 11 genosys 12 (1) 13 2011 The London Underground - Glastonbury Festival 2011 - Peter Podworski (1)

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