Shangri-La Blog 2014

23rd June 2014


Here we are, back again to create another Shangri-La world for you.  Being back in the field is so familiar that sometimes it seems as though all the time in between was just a dream.

This year’s Shangri-La contains a myriad of office hells and we ourselves were in office hell in the build-up to getting on site.  Being here now is fantastic – the team relationships, everyone working and living together makes all the time before worthwhile.

We are blessed to work with the most fantastically gifted people – the range of skills here are incredible and when combined with the generosity of spirit and capacity for endurance we have something pretty unique.


From artists to architects to permaculturalists and painters, the crew here is great.  Even our 100 or more volunteers have mad skills– artists, authors and even the guy that built the Batmobile.     Something that everyone has in common is a love of working together to create something spectacular.

This year we have taken the Heaven and Hell theme to another level, with a fresh new feel to the field: a wonderful open air exhibition by some of  world’s most interesting contemporary artists;  seemingly impossible new video mapped arena; a sublime hanging garden installation and the all new alley design.

But… it takes a lot of hard graft to build this sublime wonderland.   Big shouts go out to all the riggers, the shifters, the pasters, the techies, the artists, the gardeners, the sewers, the sparkies, the admin team and the humpers (especially the humpers) who work all day in the blazing hot sun.

Yesterday was properly scorchio and we cooled off with an afternoon mini-rig ice rave, a little taste of things to come.

So if you’re having a good time and you see one of our crew –give em a hug.  If you want to know a bit more about how we roll, check out our facebook page  or website



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