PA 2-for-1 Ticket Scheme

In our commitment to make the Festival accessible to everyone, we may provide Deaf or disabled ticket holders that would be unable to attend without use of a personal assistant (PA), and are in receipt of one of the following with a ticket at no additional cost for their PA:

•    Middle or Higher rate DLA for care and/or mobility
•    Receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
•    Evidence of being severely sight impaired
•    CredAbility Access Card – + 1 category requirement
•    A recognised Assistance Dog ID Card.

If you do not have any of the above evidence but are unable to attend the festival without a PA you are welcome to post or email copies of any additional evidence that supports your application. Applications are judged on a case-by-case basis.


• If you successfully buy a ticket in the April resale you must contact to request the PA Application Pack. You must return PA Applications by Monday 4th May.

• The deadline for PA Applications is Friday 20th March.

PLEASE NOTE:  If there is a resale in April the PA Scheme will reopen to those people that get tickets in this sale.

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