Glastonbury Festival 2014

Water Supply

There are over 150 hand basins and more than 100 taps located around the site to provide fresh water for drinking and washing.

To maintain a sufficient supply of water, the festival Infrastructure Team has constructed two on-site, underground reservoirs that are fed by Bristol Water. The reservoirs are both category five and conform to the highest standard for a private water supply.  This type of below-ground storage allows the water to be stored at a cooler temperature, this being an exceptional improvement on the above-ground storage tanks that were used in the past.

Glastonbury Festival has also invested in a permanent underground water main which has improved water pressure and supply to all parts of the site.

All tap water onsite is safe to drink. Regular sampling and testing ensures a safe, clean supply.

New for 2011, there were designated bottle refill points identified on the festival map.

Glastonbury Festival requires more than 11 million litres of water over a period of five days. Please do not waste water.