Mutoid Waste Co. presents 'A Kiss on the Apocalypse'

In the heart of Glastonbury’s “Theatre and Circus”, British artist Joe Rush, founder of the Mutoid Waste Company, anticipates the Apocalypse and imagines the “Mutoid Rebirth of the Species” in “A Kiss on the Apocalypse”.

A film by Mike Christie for Christie HQ


Well beyond Nostradamus’ predictions, in 50 minutes and 8 tableaux, at midnight, on Glastonbury’s Glebeland Field, the mystery of the End of the World will be unfolded to you.
In a pyrotechnic universe of wonder, you will live the Apocalypse and the explosive rock n’roll rebirth of a new world.
A mechanical world of machines built on the waste and the remains of the defunct society.
Here, on the ashes of the world, mutants, automats, pre-historical again creatures will rise.


Half machines, half animals they feed on the carcasses of our civilization in metal forests of smoking and firing exhaust pipe trees.

During the 7 acts of this Rebirth, Joe Rush’s mutant machines and creatures will tell the re-creation of a universe where love and music pulse in the veins and the cogs of the mutants.

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