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Shangri La: Glastonbury Festival 2013.Reception Hex

So you’ve come to Glastonbury Festival to relax, unwind, escape your day job and first world problems?
Congratulations  friend, it’s your lucky day! For a limited period only Shangri-Hell rewards its most valued customers (YOU!) with a vicarious journey through its corridors.   Time to give yourself some extra smugness and guilt free indifference by perusing SLHQ’s fine selection of exhibits. Windows onto six miniature hells for the instant gratification of all your narcissistic needs.  Laugh with your friends as you revel in other peoples pain! Point at the funny man! The pleasure of watching people suffer has never been so good.

The Boardroom

Witness history in the making as Shangri-Hell gives you an insight into it’s inner workings.   Listen in on meetings and view presentations by our most esteemed colleagues as they make life-changing decisions on your behalf.
The Finance Department
FUTURE SELFIES combines the economic practices of the stock market with folklore and magic. Join the crew behind Vogue Fabrics and ICY Gays on a Ritualistic Corporate Journey. Experience treatments such as 'Full Body Bonuses’; let us contact your 'Corporate Spirit Guide; take you on a Naked vision quest and defraud, I mean dazzle, you with magical mathematics.

The Department of Culture

HELL MARY’S ROCK BAR: Fuck the relentless djembe bashing, day glow techno, putrid pop, hairy fairies, the self-righteous yogurt weavers, the 'lads', the 'girls', the boss and anyone else who doesn't believe in the SABBATH! We offer riffs, solos of all types, denim, leather and BOOZE - i.e. CULTURE!

The I.T. Department

The CPU - Central Processing Unit is a digital world of electronic hedonism, this is a new audio visual installation by the team that brought you Drum Machine. Visuals and cybernetic sounds collide to create a mind-blowing computer generated experience. You will leave with no memory just a chip and a unique number...

The PR Department

Since the Bazaar came to an end Pluto has a new job heading up the PR department of Hell.   Convincing the masses to believe the media and trust the corporations. Pluto’s new role suits him down to the ground.   Taking advantage of peoples greed he is able to make people say whatever he wants.    This suits his clients down to the ground as they are always in need of some good publicity.
An artist of the psyche, Pluto has developed some astonishingly good mind control techniques over his eternal life in hell. Using subliminal warfare he is waging war on heaven, subversively conditioning anyone who enters his office.

The Department of Apathy

66SICK invites you to sit back and let our modern machines invade your every nook. Since our algorithms entwined themselves with the encroaching forests we have spawned some truly evil fruits.

The HR Department

Dear faithful employee, As a thank you for giving up your life to the job, your frequent anxiety attacks and relentless slog, the management at SSIRS (Son and Sons Infernal Revenue Service)  invite you to our annual office party. Please feel free to 'hang loose' and 'get groovy'. Darren from accounts has kindly offered to bring his floor filling party records and Susan from IT will be providing some of[1] [2] [3]  her notorious punch. Please note that the HR Director has asked that everyone be aware that the Stationery Cupboard is strictly out of bounds this year.

The Department of Health

100% compliant.  F-COM ensures excellence through the application of enhanced inter-sensory testing techniques and applied treatment methods. To maintain the highest standards we provide honesty and integrity through professionally trained staff utilizing advanced technologies and education to achieve optimal goals. We capture meaningful data through our staff, process and technology in a manner that is ethically beyond reproach.

Kamakaze Karaokee

Kamakaze Karaokee presents singing to save your soul, or at least take your mind off the nightmares of corporate hell. This will be like musical Prozac. Allow our hosts to guide you through a playful night of Japanese style song-play, with resident DJ's Pong Ping and Suzy Saki.

The Leisure Centre

For those that have towed the line in life, a heavenly pleasure awaits beyond the pearly gates. We’re gonna take you back! How far back? WAY back. Welcome back to the height of cool, the year is 1988, the place... Miami, the vibe? Off the scale! Bowling averages are way up, mini golf scores are down and life is one long beach party!

Cloud 9 Cocktail Bar

After a long dusty/muddy journey to Shangri-La, this is place will provide welcome frosty refreshments before your long night of adventures.


The Jiggery Pokery Parlour is a vintage ice-cream parlour selling award winning ice cream - Banana Splits, Hot Fudge Sundaes, Fresh Waffles, Milkshakes, Juices, Sodas and the best coffee from our vintage espresso machine.

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