Glastonbury Festival 2014 Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, UK


The Hell Stage is a legendary arena in Glastonbury. The latest and most jumping late night stage, with a mix of superstars and champions of the festival underground from hellish drum and bass to pumping gypsy punk… Come and discover something amazing but remember it gets busy, so pick a night to come early and avoid the rush.

Highlights this year include Caravan Palace, Kate Tempest, A Funk and Soul All Dayer from Craig Charles, Los D Abajo and the Tijuana Remix of Nortec Collective all the way from Mexico but everyone’s a hero. Supported by Continental Drifts, Global Local, and Arts Council England.

SHITV – Shangri Hell International Television Centre LIVE!

SHITV throws open its doors to show you the sparkling underbelly and hideous glamour of our sprawling media conglomerate. We manufacture consent, confusion, lust and distraction in industrial amounts and toss them out all over your face. We stick our memes in your mouth, our GIFS in your eyes and our riffs in your ears.  And the ratings say you love it!!

The Day Room: 1pm – 4pm

Good Morning! And welcome to SHITV’s classic Breakfast show, hosted by the much-loved Duncan Gribble and Satin Fairmile. Don’t worry, they’ve been up all night too. Come and join in with tea, cereal, live surgical makeovers, special mystery guests and audience phone-ins on issues of the day

The Big Issue present: THE BIG ARGUMENT! HAVE YOUR SAY YOUR WAY! Hot debates with this pioneering social enterprise.


Nightly Talent show Shangri Starz comes complete with big time judge drama and the chance for an everlasting fifteen seconds of fame!

SHITV PrimeTime:

Twisted, comedy, dance and music acts holding a black mirror to the mainstream media.

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