Shangri La: Glastonbury Festival 2013.

Shangri-Heaven’s recent accessibility initiative has exploded the pearly gates to reveal the new, video-mapped Heavenly Arena for inspirational electronica and visuals.  If you seek true inspiration and elevation journey into the Heavenly Dome, for the mornings here bring beauty, hope and maybe even the odd solution (see Utopian Talks).

The Heavenly Arena

The Heavenly Arena is a brand new stage for Shangri-La, showcasing our artists interpretation of an aural heaven through their DJ sets. Expect some very special music brought to you by Vintage REMIX records, Sound Approach the wonderful Mixmaster Morris and others.

Simon Richmond and John Metcalfe present Set In Stone
Saturday Night 10 am

As evening draws in on Saturday, Simon Richmond and John Metcalfe will present Set In Stone -  a multi-sensory installation combining music, visuals and perfume.  The music, a blend of ambient sound design, layers of stunning orchestration and deep electronica, was inspired by and written as a suite for six ancient standing stones in and around Dorset and the set of perfumes that were created to go with each stone.

Gorilla Perfumes will be scenting the set live with perfumes created by Mark and Simon Constantine. Simon “Palmskin” Richmond and John Metcalfe first started mixing orchestral music and electronica during the legendary Improvising Orchestra tour by The Bays, and Set In Stone is their debut recording collaboration.

Shangri La: Glastonbury Festival 2013.

The Heavenly Dome

Open from 10am Fri, Sat, Sun

Programmed to lift your spirits of a morning, the Dome  features; a suspended medicinal garden by permaculturist Claude Oprea;  spiritually uplifting morning music;  Utopian Talks by people who have actual solutions; an infinite AV mandara installation by renowned artist Doug Foster and fruity cocktails mixed with love.

So if its all a bit rough out there one morning, let the sound of birdsong guide you to a place of beauty and hope.

Utopian Talks - 1pm - 2pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday

We know how to create Hell on earth and many of the problems facing us as a species, but how do we turn them around, how do we fix it? SL raises the questions but doesn’t know the answers. Fortunately some people do.



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