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Ron English - Graveyard Guernica (arts page)

Shangri-La believes in the power of creative communication and has a strong visual arts programme which provides a unique platform for high quality contemporary artists.    This year we’ve scaled up our programme with a new show which reflects some of life’s frustrations and wonders.   Huge thanks go to the Arts Council of England for continuing to support our endeavours by enabling us to bring you some very exciting artwork indeed.

We are proud to host some of our favourite artists including Ron English, Mark Jenkins, Dan Hillier, OBEY, Born to Kiln, Ludo, Dr D, Link Leisure, Tomorrow is Ours to Win, Shaka, Steve Cutts, Code fc, Remids, Jim Woodall and many more.

Highlights include:
The Psychotron by Doug Foster.   A 7m circular, digital installation - “a giant hovering kaleidoscope of liquid light, an ever expanding super-mandala that engulfs its recumbent audience in a fractal universe of soothing special repetition.”
Sounds nice eh? You can find The Psychotron in the centre of the Heavenly Dome.

Keep an eye for pieces by American Artist Mark Jenkins, who is creating a set of site specific works for Shangri-La.  Jenkins' practice is to use the "street as a stage" where his sculptures interact with the surrounding environment including passersby who unknowingly become performers.

Our very own design department, C.N.T. continues to enlighten with their new concepts and strategies.   Heads of Shangri-La’s Corporate Identity, Tim Gould and Mark Hooley’s previous works include SL’s  “Buy Poi Or Die”  campaign and the Beleave poster series.

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