Ron English - Graveyard Guernica (arts page)

Shangri-La is an enormous collaboration with cutting edge visual artists from around the world, creating site specific works that amplify our themes and contribute to the ongoing narrative in unique and diverse ways.

This year’s creative force features:

Aaron Baker, Andi Rivas, Andy Doig, AVTV – Light Surgeons, Carl Cashman, Carrie Reichardt, Charlie Anderson, Chu, CodeFC, Daniel Ryder, Darren Cullen, Dr D, Ela Hawes/Daniel Shutt, Hal Hefner, Hugo Farmer, Hutch, Jim Chambers, Jim Woodall, Liam Hayhow, Link Leisure, Marc Cowan, Mark Hooley, Mark Jenkins, Matt Webbo, Mobstr, Nick Diacre, Dr Noki (JJ), Obey UK Team, Paul Insect, Peter Kennard/Cat Phillips, PREF, Shepherd Fairey, Steve Cutts, Steve Jeffreys, Tash Carter

The show takes ten months to plan, a month to build, 5 days to rave and a week to take down.

It’s frankly pretty exhausting, so why do we bother?

Maybe something we do can make a difference to someone, make them famous, make them fall in love, make them feel something incredible, make them see something new, make them think…

If we’ve made you think, or for more information on Shangri-La and the team behind it, please email

Shangri-La is produced by Shangri-La Glastonbury Ltd:
Creative Director Kaye Dunnings
Creative Producer Robin Collings
Music Director Chris “Tofu” Macmeikan


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