Heds Party 2016


This year we launch the Heds Party on Thursday night with a DJ Battle from Liverpool’s Mixnots vs Bristol’s Avon Soul Army vs Properganda. Get your Silver Hayes party Heds on in the dance marathon of music from 8pm to 7 am.

Friday night sees the Silver Hayes Crew take over; the multi-talented Crew will DJ into the early hours – not to be missed.


On Saturday evening, The Greenpeace Ground Control will celebrate pop icons David Bowie and Prince.  Remember to dress up in Purple or Glam Rock splendor and support the new Greenpeace campaign. DJ’s include One Giant Leap, award-winning film makers Trampolene, Decadent Times, Mi7 the music incubator, Twiggy Garcia – promoter extraordinaire who famously attempted a citizens arrest on Tony Blair – and the Brixton Disco Club Collective.



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