Heds Party

From 12.30am #GlastoHeds

The Heds Party at Sonic will continue as always into the early hours.

With a large line-up of creative DJ’s and VJ’s this year, finish your evening in Silver Hayes.  The Heds Party is hosting a special event on Saturday night from 12.30am sponsored by Greenpeace.  Expect some surprising climate changes in Sonic, who knows, it might even “Snow”.

Also look out for the Wall of Sound special take over, featuring Will White and Derek DaLarge, and other artists.

So why not get yourself a pair Heds Party head phones (deposit required) and dance away the wee small hours in Silver Hayes.  This year we want to hear back from you.  Which DJ’s and Artists do you like? Please # tag your pictures and tweets with #GlastoHeds and #SilverHayes. The best will make it on to the Silver Hayes Screens.


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