Los Artistas Bohemios Life Drawing


Enter the decadent world of The Common’s very own Bohemian artists’ studio. The only place to pose for your portrait and be immortalized on canvas. Come and lounge in the sumptuous boudoir like the golden society of the Belle Époque that you are. This is the place for the arts to flourish and usher in new ways to see and express.

Unleash your own inner artiste with innovative (and free) life drawing classes then let our virtuoso artists, muses, and DJs bring you an evening of Bohemian antics fit for a true connoisseur of late night revelry.

Los Artistas Bohemios is a unique Glasto experience, so don’t miss the chance for your own creative spirit to be let loose.

We will be holding a tutored life drawing class on Thursday 25th at 8pm. It will be a costumed life drawing class with Prangsta Costumiers.

Immediately after the class our in house band ‘The Bohemianauts’ will perform the opening party!

Photo: David Jensen

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