The Cave 2017

General view of the Cave in The Common area at Glastonbury festival, Worthy Farm, Somerset.

Hewn from ancient rock, and set in womb-like dark, The Cave, is built for deep and spiritual basslines. And that’s what we bring with a one-love celebration of reggae sound systems, global tasters and vibes-ing drum ‘n’ bass. A ridiculous line up and the much-loved waterfall make this one of Glastonbury’s shining secrets.

Wednesday night is COMMON CREW party night. A chance for everyone to come and meet the crew and have a great opening party, music will be second to the Vibe.

Thursday brings the original talent of Celt Islam serving Sufi soul and melodies for those who like a pioneer. Turntablist and live electronic artist, Dr Weevil, of Civil Unrest, will join the Cave’s lift-off party.

The tradition of our Friday Reggae Session lives on with a select line up from the powerful European scene to lead the whole night, casting a hypnotic bond to bring it all together. Renowned OBF Soundsystem with Shanti D (FR) are celebrated for their deep respect of roots; they’ll mix sweet vocals with a digital dub philosophy. We have an absolute Legend from Jamaican reggae history SCIENTIST (JA).

King Shiloh (NL) have been sharing meaningful Rasta culture for over 25 years. Infamous sessions at DubClubY2K have sealed a reputation for serving rhythm and bass of the highest order. Bashment Bish Negusa Negast System will begin this OUTERNATIONAL celebration, for real.

Saturday A Guy Called Gerald calls on his good friends to come for a rare night of music and Sunday will lift our hearts for the next week and beyond with not only the holy trio of Serum, Bladerunner and Voltage aka Kings of the Rollers but also block-busting Heist and Total Science. Nothing but the best, Bustawidemove with MC Ishu mash up roots with d’n’b to kickstart it all, then DLR with MC Gusto and Break featuring vocalist Kyo will ensure the journey reaches from the soulful to jumping JUNGLIST mayhem.


Scientist (JA) – Friday Cave

Hopeton Brown better known as The Scientist and sometimes known as Overton Brown, from Kingston, Jamaica was a protégé of King Tubby (Osbourne Ruddock), one of the originators of dub music. The Scientist burst onto the reggae scene in the early ’70s with a reckless mixing style that seemed to outdo even King Tubby’s wildest extravaganzas.

The Scientist. Master of Dub. Defender of the Frequency! Artist, Engineer, Producer, Inventor, Dub Legend, Prophet, Truth Seeker.

King of the Rollers – Sunday Cave
(Serum, Voltage, Blade runner)



Undoubtedly one of the most exciting acts to have emerged in Drum & Bass in recent years, Voltage is a man in demand as a DJ, producer and label owner. Make no mistakes: this exciting new producer is killing it in every single angle and now he’s doing it with Urban Agency. “To have someone like Micky Finn rate me so highly that he wants to represent and push me as an artist is an achievement in itself. Urban Agency represents the finest of today’s D&B producers and DJs so i’m humbled to be in the mix with them!”

Voltage the DJ:
Renowned for his ability to select for any crowd in front of him, Voltage delivers vibes you’ve genuinely never experienced before. With high profile shows at major rave destinations such as One Nation, A.W.O.L, Warning & Sunbeatz, his tried and tested all-style blend of jungle, jump up and deep, demonstratively dark rollers suits any dancehall in any corner of the globe large or small.

Voltage the producer:
Premier league support for Voltage’s productions from such a wide range of influential people from across the full spectrum of drum and bass include the likes of Andy C, Hype, Friction, Bailey, Hazard, Bryan Gee, Total Science, Heist, Ray Keith, Tyke and Annix to name a few. In fact Voltage’s productions under Cabin Fever UK were so popular they stormed the Drum&BassArena charts for weeks on end keeping the likes of Danny Byrd, Rockwell and Konichi off the top spot!



With over 20 years of experience as a DJ and producer, Serum’s understanding of the history of D&B shines through in everything he does. It’s no surprise he’s the artist of choice when it comes to bringing a classic up to date, having worked his remix magic for legends like Roni Size, Dillinja, Mampi Swift and Ray Keith.

“Serum’s the man when I’m in jungle mode. His tracks have that real jungle vibe but with a fresh updated feel. They’ve formed a massive part of my sets over the years and smashed up dance floors all over the world” – Bryan Gee, V Recordings

A string of bona-fide anthems like “Up In Smoke”, “Snake Fist”, “Rat Trap” and “Fly Paper” have seen Serum’s music grace labels as diverse as V Recordings, Low Down Deep, Shogun, Dread, Playaz, Critical, 31, Philly Blunt and Creative Source.

“Serum’s productions are consistently at the highest quality of Drum & Bass and have definitely broadened the appeal of my label” – Logan D, Low Down Deep Recordings

As a DJ, Serum’s rapid fire blend of brand new dubplates, classics and remixes has seen him tear it up at events all over the globe such as Fabric Live, Outlook, Jungle Mania, City Flow, Rampage, Boomtown, Breakin’ Science, Ram, AWOL and Random Concept.




Devan Gray, AKA Bladerunner, based in the East of England, is one of the most highly respected Drum & Bass artists of this era. His talents were spotted back in 2004 by the legendary Ray Keith, he was signed to Dread Recordings and remixed jungle classics ‘Renegade Terrorist’, ‘The Chopper’ and ‘Dark Soldier’. His debut album Analog Bass was released in 2009, which lead to further remix duties on tracks such as ‘The Lighter’ for DJ SS on Formation Records and ‘Sound Control’ by Randall and Andy C. Since then this DJ/Producer has more than paid back Ray for his support with numerous modern day anthems, the latest being ‘Feel for You’ and ‘Spartan Law’ which appeared on Andy C’s hugely popular mix CD ‘Nightlife 5’.

Bladerunner’s new school, forward thinking take on the classic jungle sound has won him legions of fans from heads to producers alike with tracks such as ‘Love is Gone’ on Philly Blunt, Feel For You and his rework of Marvellous Cain’s ‘The Hitman’

Bladerunner has been tearing up dance floors globally for over twelve years now and he showcases many of his original compositions and exclusive remixes with consistently heavy beats and punishing basslines. As well as regular airplay on BBC Radio 1, and appearances on 1Xtra and D&B Arena TV, Bladerunner has also featured in ATM Magazine with a cover mix CD. Hits such as ‘Snake Fist’ on Fabio’s Creative Source and ‘Back to the Jungle’ on Critical Records topped the BBC Radio 1 Drum & Bass charts and still tear dancefloors apart the world over whilst more recently Bladerunner has signed’ Old Times’ for his second release on Ram Records sister label Program. Support for Bladerunner tracks comes from all the A-list DJ’s on the scene including Andy C, Friction, Ray Keith, Fabio, DJ SS, Bailey, Bryan G, Randall and more.


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