The Cave


Dark, dingy, and very, very loud - Glastonbury’s most underground venue, which has doubled in size, is back this year with another absolute smasher of a line-up.

Inside the Cave are the deepest roots of rhythm and culture.  But do you dare enter the birth place of beats, for fear of never escaping this vortex of sound?

Starting things off in the traditional way, we have a family mash up on Thursday night, featuring resident naughty corner DJs, Kyd DislekSiK, 4tuneCookie and mr and mrs steadman, with a breaks and jungle rumble off. Friday night keeping this loud and bass heavy, will see the return of the reggae vibes, with DJs Smokey B, Dirty Harry and Monkey Marc kicking it off, before heavy weight hitters YT (live reggae show), Mungo’s Hifi and Reggae Roast hit the stage and really kill it, completely.

All things jungle on Saturday, as Run Tingz Cru are back again with their hard-hitting Bristol flava. Followed by Benny Page and Serial Killaz this is going to be a complete tear down, with the legend that is Jim Bitch to finish you off, you wanna get in early coz it's gonna be a road block….

Rounding off the weekend with an absolute killer line up of bass breaks and wobble step, The Cave is going to go out with a stonker of a night. Rico Tubbs & Terry Holligan (Bass = Win Sound System) kick things off before we head off with Dodge and Fuski, the rest of the night we have some very special secret headliners, who will be up for playing the loudest bass step on site.

You thought last year we smashed it in the RAVE CAVE, well think again!

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