Elemental 2014

sun thru umbrella dome

These christo-centric pilgrims blend faith and fallibility, music and coffee, dawdling and dancing; saturating their off-kilter sanctuary with a high-altitude atmosphere, ranging from goose-bump spiritual to foot-sore horizontal.

Mountain-top epiphanies and angelic visitations are always welcomed. Wobbly discussions continue into the wee hours, interwoven with acoustic sessions, short films and bleary-eyed daftness. Embracing this rapturous optimism is revival for the soul.

Last year saw elemental snuggled further uphill in fresh green pastures, on the path running from the Stone Circle to The Park, below Tipi Village on Pennard Hill.

pink elemental

Daily Timetable:

Open 1pm till very late. Pop by venue to see list of artists and performances.

1pm-7pm “cosy afternoon rest-stop” early-birds hair-washing, revival art, sculpture & healing workshops, hand-crafted soundscapes

7pm-10pm “gently-does-it evening hideaway” choc & chat, diddly selectors, cinematic visuals

10pm-bed “late-night café capers” rest & recreation, torch-songs & electroboogie, star-lit memories & fireside stories

elemental 2014: a kaleidoscope of holy sofas, smoky prayers, make-shift soundclouds, and gritty love.

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