The Greencrafts Village

A place to make beautiful things to take home

How about making your own silver ring, or a leather wallet or felt bag?  You can carve your own wooden plate or make bath bombs, mosaics and head garlands. How about doing stained glass or weaving a basket, make a candle or even a hemp bracelet or an antler horn ring.

The Greencrafts Village is jam packed full with over 100 workshops to choose from, all open from Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm.

There’s no time limits or skill levels needed to get involved. Everyones welcome, beginners or the more experienced plus kids if accompanied by an adult. We’ll share with you a love of the raw materials that this land provides, that’ve shaped this country of ours. In a world obsessed with foreign imports and information technology, it feels good to touch base with skills that come from our own culture. It’s all about using stuff of the land that’s natural, renewable and re-cycled and using it in ethical and practical ways.

Learn to carve stone, forge and stamp metal, caress clay, blow glass and lathe greenwood. Find out about bushcraft, kiln firing, timber framing plus yurt and wagon building. Experience using a pole or peddle lathe, blacksmith’s forge or raku kiln. Watch the sparks fly and feel the energy soar or relax and sit back in the comfy seats among beautiful outdoor sculptures.

There’s a HAPPY HOUR on the field from 10am to 11am every day when all activities are free. All Workshops will let you “Have A Go” for free and most craftspeople offer a basic workshop starting at £2 for materials.

The Greencrafts Village organisers Nic Piper and Marie Brett have brought together some of the countries leading craftspeople and artisans making this one of the biggest hands-on events in Europe.

At the field’s gateways there’s a full listing of what’s on offer. You can just drop by or bookings are made directly with the individual crafts groups. We hope you have a fantastic Glastonbury and look forward to meeting you again this year. Come and be a part of it. Re-discover the magic. You’ll take away something special that you’ve made, and will never look back.

All the best from Nic & Marie
+ the very many crew and craftspeople that make The Greencrafts Village so special.

Workshops on offer

RAKU U LIKE    Raku glazing & kiln firing
POTTERY WORKSHOP    Pottery wheel introduction & kiln firings
A DROP OF THE OCEAN    Sgraffito with Glastonbury clay onto porcelain bells

ANGEL GARDENS    Vegan & organic bath bombs, lip balm, soap & creams
FAITH & BETTY    Essential oil & flower perfume making & bath bombs (in marquee)

ANGEL GARDENS    Candle making
HOLY WELL GLASS    Medieval glass painting & firing
SOPHIE HUSSAIN    Stained glass wall mobiles
LED FANTASTIC     Torches, fairy lights, reading lights & costume décor
THE GLASS HUB    Glass blowing
PHOENIX CANDLES    Candle making

ANGEL GARDENS    Stamped tin broaches & pendants
CUTTLEFISH CASTING    Cast silver with cuttlefish bone molds
DRAGON HILL YURTS    Wooden bead bracelets, necklaces & copper pendants
FORKING MARVELLOUS    Silver plated cutlery jewellery (in marquee)
GROUND ZERO    Stamped pewter rings & badges
GUERILLA ARCHAEOLOGY    Prehistoric antler ring making (in marquee)
OAKCLAN FORGE    Copper repoussé celtic leaf pendants & bangles
PHILIPPINE COMMUNITY    Ring pull key chain & bracelets
RUNNING DEER    Natural cordage fiber bracelets
THE GLASS HUB    Glass bead necklaces
THE JEWELLRY WORKSHOP    Silver earings, bracelets & keyrings
THE JEWELLERY WORKSHOP    Silver & copper rings & aluminum pendants

ANGEL GARDENS    Felt slippers & baby shoes & leather sandals
BEETLEFELT   Woven web on willow hoop, box loom, table loom (in marquee)
CAORIGH FELTWORKS    Felted phone cases, mats & pouches (in marquee)
DANDELION DESIGNS CAMP BUNTING    Stitched fabric bunting
EM FOUNTAIN FELTS    Bangles, beads, hair fireworks, bags & anklets
HAPITAT    Fabric feather fascinators, corsages, mini top hats & hairclips (in marquee)
INSTITCHYOU     Stitched portraits
LEATHERWORKS    Wallets, chokers and pendants
L FOR LEATHER    Bracelets, pouches, bags & belts
RAGS TO BITCHES    Rag rug coasters, squares & pom poms
STITCH SISTERS    Headpieces
WANDERING YARNS    Knitted wristbands & crochet flower pin & hairclips
WILDCRAFT    Dream catchers

AL FRESCO FORGE    Hand stamp & forged Glastonbury 2014 medallion/pendant
COPPERWORKS    Bracelets & candleholders
GARETH BLACKSMITH    Hooks, leaf pendants, toast forks, spoons & candle holders
GARRY JOHNSON    Introduction to sculptural forging
GRINDSTONE COWBOY    Tool sharpening (in marquee)
GROUND ZERO   Tin can repoussé lanterns
KATE THE BLACKSMITH    Forged hooks, pokers & toasting forks
MILLY PEDS    Bicycle workshops, repair & maintenance

RUNNING DEER    Wooden flutes
RUNNING HORSE SHAMANIC DRUMS    Ash drum with deer hide & henna

BEN and SAM STONECARVING    Introduction to stone carving
GROOVETASTIC MOSAICS    Clocks & coasters (in marquee)
ROCKWORX    Carve to music
SOUTHERN STONE    Introduction to stone carving
STONEYCRAFT    Stone carving small items
TOM CLARK    Carving designs on stepping stones for Glastonbury Abbey

AXE & PADDLE BUSHCRAFT    Spoon carving, feather earrings & bowmaking
BLITHFIELD WILLOWCRAFT    Dragonflys, snails, fish, love hearts & baby’s rattles
JULIETTE HAMILTON DESIGN    Willow flowers, butterflys, dragonflys & stars
RING A RING O’ROSES    Willow flower garlands & hat/hair sticks
ROUGH AROUND THE HEDGES    Willow stars, wands & spiral bird feeders
WILDERNESS CRAFTS    Survival skills, fire lighting & cord making

CLYCHOED    Timber frame building
DORSET WOOD    Introduction to shaftmaking for horsedrawn vehicles
EARTH ENCOUNTERS    Try using a pole lathe
FUNKY MONKEY    Hazel & holly staffs, tent pegs, hemp bracelets & gypsy flowers
GARY ORANGE    Carved African style chair/festival seat
GREEN DEVICE    Wooden plate carving
NORTH WIND BLOWS    Peddle lathe mushrooms & spiral mobiles
ROBIN WOOD     Bowl turner introduction & wooden spatulas
R J JONES    Introduction to carving/chamfering, gypsy wagon style
ROOTS    Pipes, three legged stools & spoons
SPINNEY HOLLOW    Magic wands, swords, staffs & headdresses
WAYNES WOODS    Spoon carving
WOODLAND SKILLS CENTRE    Pole lathe, stools, lanterns, platters & tent pegs

LEE GODFREE - Turf cut land art.  JULIETTE HAMILTON DESIGN - Cows.  MYBURGH DESIGNS - Swing seat.  GARY ORANGE  -Carved benches. PATSY PRESTON - Wood nymph & wagon seat. BROOMY HILL – Enchanted garden.  ANTHONY ROGERS - Sun seat & lanterns.

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