Greencrafts Village 2017

Bursting with so much to do, the Greencrafts Village at Glastonbury Festival opens at 10am Wednesday morning.

Ever wanted to make your own silver ring? Poke hot fire with a blacksmith? Mess with clay or learn to axe wood? Visit the Greencrafts Village where you can choose from literally hundreds of activities and make beautiful things to take home.

“Everyone’s so lovely and helpful and I couldn’t believe what I made.”

This year the organisers Nic and Marie, have booked some of Europe’s leading craftspeople who’re at the top of their game to lead workshops and share skills, ideas and ‘have-a-go’ sessions with you. Every craft group brings their own special covered workspaces, so you might find yourself working in a hand-built timber wagon, a rustic yurt, tipi, geodome or even an open sided woodsman’s shelter.  As a beginner or more experienced visitor, everyone’s welcome.

Brilliantly all materials used are natural, sustainable and eco friendly. All the crafts groups bring a massive array of materials to choose from and tools to use. Some people like to learn a new skill like chopping wood or weaving, others like survival skills and some want to make a beautiful souvenir to take home or give as a memory gift.

 “The jewellery you can make is amazing and my friend tried stonecarving.”

A small charge is made for materials for things you make to take home. Some activities take less than an hour, others longer, and it’s up to you how long you spend. The field’s open from 10am to 6pm and every morning and there’s a ‘Happy-Hour’ betweem 10-11am where everything’s free to try. All-day every-day, there’s over 50 have-a-go activities for under £2, and there’s always the massive choice of workshops if you want to make something beautiful to take home. Nearly all workshops work on a drop-by basis so you don’t need to book in advance, simply stroll up to the field when it suits you, take a look around, and arrange an activity direct with one of the craft groups.

“The view’s amazing and the crafts re-energise your soul and mind.”

This year we bring you:  “World Table: Water Is Life”.  A new interactive art exhibit with Indigenous Water Protectors from the Great Lakota Sioux Nation from Standing Rock, North Dakota (USA/Turtle Island) who bring Glastonbury Festival a powerful message of hope.

Come and sit at the “World Table” with the Water Protectors. It’s been specially designed for Glastonbury Festival where we can talk story, share time and healing. We all have a story to tell and with the help of Indigenous (First Nation) knowledge and all that we bring to the table ourselves, together we have the chance to listen, learn and heal our hearts. And to reconnect with a special sense of life in order to consider how we can become fully alive.

Sessions are ½ hour long each day of Glastonbury Festival and run every half hour between 10am-12noon and 2pm-3pm daily (23rd, 24th & 25th Jun) and and are for individuals and groups to interact and share. Featuring opening prayers, songs, traditional stories and sharing from the heart.

The Water Protectors at Standing Rock captured the world’s attention through their peaceful yet tenacious resistance blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline. What began as a local protest has turned into a global movement. A new film, “AWAKE, A Dream From Standing Rock”, captures the story of Native-led defiance that has forever changed perceptions of the fight for clean water, our environment and the future of our planet.

Below is a list of all the workshops and activities to choose from. We hope you see something that interests you and look forward to welcoming you to one of the most amazing places to be on the planet for five brilliant days in June!

“The field’s totally off-grid and without generators, so it’s one of the quietest and best, chill-out zones on-site.”


Unusual antler horn rings with Guerrilla Archaeology (in Big Marquee)
Silver rings, charms, bracelets & bangles with Lost Treasure Silver Workshop
Copper pendants & bangles with Oakclan Forge
Steel bangles (re-cycled forks) with Forking Marvellous (in Big Marquee)
Hardwood inlay wooden pendants by Indie Pendants
Leather jewellery with Black Kat
Copper badges with Masquetherage
Cast silver pendants & bracelets with Cuttlefish Casting Silver
Feather earrings, head-bands & button-holes with Whatever The Feather
Stamped pewter rings, badges, pendants & key rings with Ground Zero
Penny pendants & silver/copper-work with The Jewellery Workshop
Silver rings & pendants with The Jewellery Workshop
Raffia pendants & rings with Tangled Trinkets 
Button jewellery with Camp Bunting
Metal bling ring making with Al Fresco Forge

Special design & carve your initials with Tom Clark
Chalk carving with The Royans
Freestyle stone-carving to music with Rockworx
Carve stone panels and blocks with Southern Stone  
Learn dry-stone walling with John Robertson
Stone carving lessons & demos with Stoneycraft


Carve coasters & green men with Mark Flannery Wood Carver
Longbow making & fletching with Wild Earth Project
Besoms, tent pegs, baskets, stools & gypsy flowers with Woodland Skills Centre
Spoon Carving with Waynes Woods
Make a yurt crown with La Roulette
Make African slot-chairs & chisel your design with Gary Orange Carvings
Walking sticks, tent pegs, gypsy flower & pendants with Funky Monkey Rustic Carpentry
Carve limewood with Robin Wood MBE
Greenwood wands & swords with Spinney Hollow
Gypsy flowers, three-legged stool & stick whistles with Funky Furniture & Woodcraft
Wooden mushrooms turned on pedal lathe with North Wind Blows
Carved lime plates & Celtic tree pendants with Green Device

Beautiful natural soaps, balms, hand sanitizer & scents with Faith & Betty (in Big Marquee)
Blend beeswax balms for lips, hair, beard & skin with Hallowed B
Lip-balm & facemasks, bath oil, shampoo & foot scrubs with Angel Gardens
Scented soap with Compass Rose Soaps

Flint knapping & cord making with Wild Earth Project

Special Ancient Japanese art of Mokume with HR Constable
Repousse copper leaves with Oakclan Forge
orging hooks, pokers & toasting forks with Kate the Blacksmith
Forged pendants, pokers and set of charms with 9 Irons Craft
Aluminium smelting & candle bling ring with Al Fresco Forge
Pendants, pokers & candleholders with Cobalt Blacksmiths
Tinkering copper skills with Copperworks
Forging with Garry Johnson
Spoon making with Masquetherage

Gorgeous natural flower headdresses & beard/hair deco’s with Orchis Floral Design

Ambitious round-wood timber framing with Ty Pren
Unusual shingle roofing with aluminum drink cans with Armadillo
Traditional wagon wheel banding with RJ JONES

Willow flower garlands & hat, hair & buttonhole deco’s with Ring A Ring O Roses
Willow baskets & bowls with Rough Around the Hedges
Dragonflies, hearts, flowers, & willow animals with Blithfield Willow Crafts
Hearts, leaves, mayflies, spiders, bees & large dragonflies with Juliette Hamilton
Dream catchers & feather accessories with Portal Crafts
Baskets & birdfeeders with Woodland Skills Centre
Hedgerow headdresses & hearts with Spinney Hollow
Bike & shopping baskets, bowls, hearts & dragonflies with Wyldwood Willow (look for the massive covered space on the green)

Beautiful stained glass with Lightlust Studio

Lovely sewn bags & backpacks using sewing machine with Treadle Treats
Felt hair dreds, beads, balls & animals with Em Fountain Felts
Protest pants embroidery with Needle Point of Resistance
Rubber masques with Masquetherage
Key rings, plant hangers & wallhangings with Macramy Macramé
Corsages, fascinators and head-pieces with HappiTat
Feathered ear accessories and dreadlocks with Portal Crafts
Peddle powered sewing machine portraits with In-Stitch-U
Felt dredlocks with Broomy Hill
Sewing machine bunting with Camp Bunting
Peg-loom weaving, circle loom bracelets & flower bunting with Quilliam
Pom pom badges, earrings & headbands with Lana’s Pom Pom Creations (Marquee)
Leather wristbands, chokers, brooches and pouches with Black Kat
Embossed leather pendants with Leatherworks
Crotchet, pom poms, loom flowers with Wandering Yarns

Special hoop drums & felt beaters with Running Horse Shamanic Drums

Fun clay bowls & dishes with Slip Club
Learn graffito and make tiles using Worthy Farm clay with Mud, Mugs and Bells
Make raku beads, pendants, tiles and vases with Muddy Fingers Pottery

“What I made in less than an hour was utterly breath-taking, my girlfriend couldn’t believe it!”

Beautiful gardens, sculpture, seating and lanterns built by: Lee Godfree / Nic Piper, Broomy Hill Enchanted Nursery, Gary Orange, Making Shapes, The Royans, Anthony Rogers, Juliette Hamilton Design, The Lighten Up Crew & Charley Stamper. And not forgetting the massively brilliant Greencrafts Village site crew.

“The Greencrafts Village is a unique ‘must do’ festival experience!”

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