The Greencrafts Village

The Greencrafts Village – hands-on learning at its best


2015 is an exciting year for The Greencrafts Village at Glastonbury …

Back by popular demand and looking to once again be bursting with energy and environmental skill-share; the village field is unique and one of those “must do” Festival experiences.

Traditional craft meets contemporary living, asking:
- What does greencraft practice offer to our conversations about ethics and sustainability?
- How does it contribute to our environment’s stability? What difference can it make?
Come join the conversation, learn a new skill and try a new way of thinking, working and living.


Nic and Marie Piper who curate Greencrafts are busy booking a massive range of different workshops for this year; check back here nearer the time for a full listing of what’s on offer including a chance to make:  Wooden Spoons, Bowls, Plates and Houses ! Metal Jewellery and Blacksmith Tools, Textile Hats, Bags and Clothing or even try Glass Blowing, Pottery Throwing, Mosaic, Casting or Raku.


You’ll find a magical transformation through shared specialist knowledge, and everyone’s welcome.

We’re open first thing on Wednesday morning and will look forward to seeing you there …. in the open field … soon

Nic & Marie


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