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The Greencrafts Village – hands-on learning at its best


2015 is an exciting year for The Greencrafts Village at Glastonbury …

Back by popular demand and looking to once again be bursting with energy and environmental skill-share; the village field is unique and one of those “must do” Festival experiences.

Traditional craft meets contemporary living, asking:
– What does greencraft practice offer to our conversations about ethics and sustainability?
– How does it contribute to our environment’s stability? What difference can it make?
Come join the conversation, learn a new skill and try a new way of thinking, working and living.

Nic and Marie Piper who curate Greencrafts are busy booking a massive range of different workshops for this year; check back here nearer the time for a full listing of what’s on offer including a chance to make:  Wooden Spoons, Bowls, Plates and Houses ! Metal Jewellery and Blacksmith Tools, Textile Hats, Bags and Clothing or even try Glass Blowing, Pottery Throwing, Mosaic, Casting or Raku.


You’ll find a magical transformation through shared specialist knowledge, and everyone’s welcome.

The field is open every day from Wednesday at 10am until 6pm. Each morning at 10am there is a ‘Happy Hour’ where all activities are free of charge. For workshops, there is a small charge for materials to take home what you have made, or you can ‘have a go’ for free. All workshops are aimed at beginners and bookings are made direct with each craft group on a drop-by basis. The field is family friendly and accompanied kids are welcome to take part in many of the activities. Ask at the crafts office if you would like help in locating one of the craft workshops listed below.



Funky Furniture & Woodcraft : Hazel flowers and 3 legged stool making
Funky Monkey : Walking staffs using twisty hazel, gypsy flowers and tent pegs
Gary Orange : African slotted chairs and decorative carving
Green Device : Carved wooden plates using chisels
North Wind Blows : Wooden mushrooms turned using a bicycle powered lathe
Robin Wood : Wooden helicopter toys and bowl turning introduction using a foot lathe
Spinney Hollow : Pole lathe wood turning and staffs, willow head-dresses, wands and swords
Wayne’s Woods : Carved wooden spoons


Axe + Paddle Bushcraft : Survival crafts with fire by friction, cord and spoon making
Blithfield Willow : Woven willow head-dresses, sunflowers, snails, hearts and dragon-flies
Emily Hall Willow Craft : Woven willow bangles, sun-hats, baskets, stars, hearts and fish
Ring A Ring A Roses : Willow flower garlands and hat or hair sticks
Rough Around the Hedges : Bird feeders, willow platters and woven bowls
Trackways : Flint napping, fletching (arrow making), fire by friction and wooden stools
Wilderness Crafts : Chemical/electrical fire-lighting, willow bark and cord bracelets
Wyldwood Willow : Basket making and fruit bowl willow work


Mixed Media Mosaics : Mosaic tiles
Rockworx : Stonecarving to music
Royans : Chalk carving
Slate Craft : Slate mirror frames
Southern Stone :  Stone carving introduction
Tom Clarke : Stone carved drawings


Running Horse : Shamanic drums using ash hide and henna
Millypeds : Bicycle repair and maintenance workshops


Alfresco Forge : Mokume (Japanese metal fusing), aluminum feathers and stamped drop-hammer pendants
Awen : Aluminum sand casting, coin making and rally plaque
Cobalt Blacksmith : Fire lighting and leaf pendants/charms in metal and leather
Copper Works : Copper candle holders and bracelets, traditionally riveted
Forking Marvellous : Knife sharpening and polishing (in marquee)
Garry Johnson : Forged steelwork
Ground Zero : Stamped/punched with die cutter, pewter rings pendants and key rings
Kate the Blacksmith : Charcoal forged hooks, toasting forks and pokers
Oakclan Forge : Bronze Age forge with copper repousse jewellery, ogham pendants, leaves and bangles


Anomad Yurts : Peg-loom construction and weaving
Camp Bunting : Hand crank sewing machine bunting and button bracelets
Change Karma Today : Felt cuffs, bookmarkers, clothing decorations and collar/ties
Em Fountain Felts : Felt bracelets, hair dreds, rug making, butterflies and book covers using wet and needle felt techniques
Green Canopy : Cyanotype printing producing cyan-blue prints
Hapiat : Flower head pieces, badges, corsage and fascinators (inside marquee)
In Stitch You : Peddle powered sewing machine stitched portraits
Journeymen Project : Mobile silk-screen printing
Leatherworks : Leather wrist cuffs, wallets, belts and pendants
Rags to Bitches : Fabric pompoms and rag head-dress, flower broach, collage and plastic bag flowers
Wandering Yarns : Crochet broaches and wristbands


Cuttlefish Casting : Silver cast pendants
Green Canopy : Steam bent bracelets using ash, sycamore and alder
Guerilla Archaeology : Pre-historic antler ring making (inside marquee)
Forking Marvellous : metal tea-spoon pendants (in marquee)
Indie-Pendants : Wooden pendants using yew, elder or ash plus rings and hard-wood in-lay
Lost Treasure : Silver charms, earings and rings plus stamped copper discs and dog tags
McTigue Jewellery Workshop : Sand casting, copper penny jewellery, silver rings, earings and bracelets
Slate Craft : Carved slate pendants
The Jewellery Workshop : Re-cycled silver rings and aluminum/copper pendants/dog tags


A Drop of The Ocean :  Porcelain bells using sgraffito with Glastonbury clay
Sophie Hussain : Stained glass wall panels and mobiles
The Pottery Workshop : Pottery wheel introduction and raku kiln firing


Angel Gardens : Vegan and organic bath bombs, lip balms, soap and creams
Faith & Betty : Herbal bath-bags using perfumes, dried herbs and flowers (inside Marquee)


Anomad Yurts : Yurt construction
Armadillo : Re-cycled tin-can shingle roofing techniques
Jones Wheelwright : Iron banded wagon wheels plus try using spoke shave tools
La Roulette : Yurt crown wheel building
My Two Hands : Cob oven construction
Ty Pren (Cylchcoed) : Round-wood timber frame building
Woodsmoke Yurts : Steam-bending and yurt crown wheel building

Nic & Marie


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