The Greenpeace Field

All aboard the Greenpeace ship to Glastonbury


The Greenpeace Field at Glastonbury this year highlights the plight of our oceans. It will show the scale of the monster trawlers that hoover up vast quantities of fish, invite you inside the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef against a back drop of skaters, slides, showers and songs from some of the hottest new talent around.

Factory fishing vessels travel around the world catching huge amounts of fish from the oceans. Greenpeace this year has created a trawler for you to climb up, drink and dance in as well as hear the voices of sustainable fishermen whose businesses are at threat from these huge monster boats. Our very own fishing vessel, the Rising Tide will be on the field after its epic election tour around England and Wales gaining support from parliamentary candidates for a higher catch quota.

The ship houses The Engine Room our music venue and bar. Day and night you can hear some great music or listen to engaging speakers (full details in the Glastonbury programme). You can climb onto the top deck and watch the sunset with your cocktails or try our climbing wall which hangs off the front of the ship or if you dare you can descend down our nine metre drop slide.

Behind the ship our amazing skate ramp returns to Glastonbury. It’s the biggest mobile ramp in the country made entirely from forest-friendly FSC-approved wood. Here you can learn to skate, book the kids into workshops every morning or watch the pro skaters go airside and learn a trick or two while top DJ’s make the music.


This year, we are working to defend the Great Barrier Reef from coal companies destroying the sea bed, home to humpback whales, turtles and clownfish. Greenpeace have built a huge fish that you can walkthrough. Inside our friends at production company Snowbusiness will create a life-like coral garden. This space will be super cool, think ultra violet, sounds of the sea & tropical fish, it will be an interactivity space. Within this area we’ll talk about the problems that the Barrier Reef is facing and how you can help to save it. Look out for the Plastic Monster. It’s scary but not as scary as the amount of discarded plastics, so big that it’s forming floating islands in the oceans that can be seen from space.

Our local vegetarian farmer’s market that looks like a traditional fishing village will welcome thousands of hungry revellers over the weekend. All of the traders are from the South West. Festival-goers can sit down in our boat-shaped picnic tables and dine until the cows come home on freshly baked bread or they can pick up a ploughman’s lunch from local cheese makers, or try some homemade cakes and chocolates, or a basket of Somerset fruit.

The Greenpeace Café, a cosy styled fishing port where you can eat amidst the buoys and driftwood is somewhere you just have to try. Vegetarian, organic and serving perhaps the best coffee onsite from Allpress, Dalston coffee roasters. Come for an early breakfast or chill out into the early hours

Did you know that we’ve been keeping you clean in our awesome carbon neutral, hot showers for almost 20 years? Our wood burning hot showers are hugely popular. Come early to avoid the queues. We’ll have gallons of hot water to wash off the mud and we’ll be providing Ecover the friendly soap.

On Saturday Greenpeace presents an all-nighter in the Sonic Tent in Silver Hayes. ‘Silent Night – Dance for the Arctic’ – our Silent Disco featuring some of the top DJ’s in the country – kicks off at 12.30pm. Bring it on!

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