The Rabbit Hole

A stage within a stage? A party within a play? A hole within a Hole?

Like all good journeys, it’s not the arriving that matters. At Glastonbury, a traveller may find many strange ports, but few are stranger than this.  Far away and yet close enough to touch, The Rabbit Hole beckons all-comers. Follow The White Rabbit down, further into the riddle matrix. And there, music and theatre will enchant you. Underground DJs will take you deeper as time machines take you through space.

Carrots, tunnels, playing cards and queens. The caterpillar, the dormouse and the hare…. Could you have found Wonderland? By day you can see singer songwriters and new folk acts. By night you can see banging bands, drink cocktails and dance to the DJs.

The Hatter says: “We are all mad here.” But who is to say?

Click for the full 2014 Rabbit Hole line-up

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