White Ribbon Alliance - Proud to be in The Park


For five years in a row, you’ve queued up for the ‘heart mum’ tattoo; you’ve rocked the ‘Mother Lover’ T shirt – and you’ve played blow-up guitars against the ‘Glastonbury’ backdrop in our larger than life HELLO MUM aerial ‘polaroid’.

All this because we believe that every woman, no matter where she lives, has the right to a safe birth. With the support of festival-goers for our campaign, and the commitment of tens of thousands of White Ribbon volunteers around the world, we’ve seen deaths in childbirth drop by half in the past decade.

That’s a stunning achievement – but we have to keep going until we’ve dealt with the other half. We know that change happens when enough people know their rights and join forces to demand them, and what better place to make a noise than the Festival?

So please join us again to dress up as a rock star and dive, fly or shimmy across the stage, sending your HELLO MUM message from the Festival via postcard and photo to your phone.

Find out more at www.whiteribbonalliance.org


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