White Ribbon Alliance - Proud to be in The Park


Welcome back to the Tattoo Parlour , back in The Park again this year. Come and get your ‘heart mum’ (free) tattoo and show a bit of love to the mothers of the world.

And it has been working; birth has got a lot safer since White Ribbon Alliance and all our amazing supporters swung into action. Deaths across Africa and Asia are down by about half – so it can be done.

Yet it’s  all wrong that in some countries girls are still more likely to die having a baby than to go to school, so we are making the loudest ever noise for mothers with THE GREAT BIG DRUMROLL. Led by famous artists (all will be revealed…) on the Park stage, Festival-goers are invited to join us in making a record-breaking racket. We want those sound waves to be heard across the globe, so join us on Friday afternoon from 2.30pm onwards.

For more information find us in the White Ribbon Alliance tent in the Park, next to the Park Tower as usual. Or at www.whiteribbonalliance.org


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