Circus Big Top

4.Aerial Manx, The Monster Sideshow

If the word Circus still conjures up images of ring masters, red jackets and white-faced clowns, think again!

Glastonbury’s Circus Big Top brings you over 14 hours of non-stop entertainment every day hosting some of the world’s best contemporary circus, from amazing solo performers to stunning full scale productions.

3. Cirucs KathmanduJam-packed full of the world’s finest performers, the Big Top brings you the pinnacle of physical skills and entertainment. Here you will find a pounding, adrenaline-driven mix of physical dynamism coupled with elegance and beauty, fast-paced acro; diabolo; contortion; stunning aerial; handbalancing; juggling; and acts that truly beggar belief, to mention but a few, all blended together with a great big dash of humour.

The Big Top is where the seemingly impossible happens and you get to watch it, all up close and personal. Nowhere else lets you see such an eclectic mix of cutting-edge acts from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, physical performers, circus groups and entertainers all ready to wow and bedazzle you.

Whether you drop in for 10 minutes, or stay for a few hours, you are guaranteed to see something that takes your breath away.

Check out some of last year’s highlights below – and this year it gets even better!

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(All photos Charles Gervais, except Circus Kathmandu which is taken by Mark Robson.)

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