Mavericks 2

This diverse venue transforms from Poetry&Words by day to Mavericks by night. When the sun goes down, Mavericks come out.

“Time flies when you’re at a good cabaret, and Mavericks is one of the best.”
Originally written for This Is Cabaret

Come and take a plush, comfy seat, at a small table and close-up to a nice little stage and enjoy an hour or more of the intimate and unpredictable experience that is Mavericks.

We run full-on from 11pm to 3am. It’s a wild exhibition of exhibitionist Artists who perform in Circus Big Top, Circus Field, Summerhouse, Theatre, Cabaret and Sensation Seekers Stages.

Dave Id (Captain Id of the Mexicans) mixing cocktails and drinks for the Artists and for the Audience! If you are brave enough to participate in one of the Captain’s Challenges or impress the Compere in some subtle or strange way, you might get a free cocktail.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mavericks! You wild and crazy festival-lovers!

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