Mavericks 2

This diverse venue transforms from Poetry&Words by day to Mavericks by night. When the sun goes down, Mavericks come out.

Mavericks welcomes you with it’s enticing soft seats and low lighting. Intimacy and warmth abounds, so sit back and watch world-class artists, T&C’s crème de la crème. It’s one of the loveliest places to be from Midnight to 3am.

We present a symphony of skills and laughs, with a loose feel that brings out the best in artists and audiences alike; conducted by Comperes Miss Behave (Friday), Dave Id (Saturday) and Peewee (Sunday).

Mavericks present, for your late-night delight,

* Bret Pfister * Captain Ruin * Casey Wood * Donald Grant * Frank Sanazi * George Egg * Ivan Brackenbury * Jon Hicks * Les Oh La Las * Lords of Strut * Paul Currie * Pete Dobbing * Phil Kay * Professor Elemental * Ursula Marintez * plus some Very Special Guests!

You could win a cocktail IF you can win the Captain’s Challenge. You’ve got to be in it, to win it….

“Time flies when you’re at a good cabaret, and Mavericks is one of the best.”
Originally written for This Is Cabaret

We look forward to welcoming you to Mavericks! You wild and crazy festival-lovers!

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