Welcome to Mavericks - Late Night Cabaret at its Very Best

Location: Bella’s Field, Theatre & Circus Fields, Glastonbury Festival

What is Mavericks?

A mutant-cross between the Kit-Kat Club and a Lock-in. We have 100 comfy seats at tables, space for 150 standing and absolutely the Best in late-night cabaret experiences available in Somerset in June, and free popcorn.

Where is it?
Mavericks has moved across the field in Bella's Field. Just 20 metres from the Ridge & Furrow Bar (so easy to get a drink). Coming from Avalon you'll see us on the left, coming from West Holts you see us on the right.  Come and take a plush, comfy seat, at a small table and close-up to a nice little stage and enjoy an hour or more of the intimate and unpredictable experience that is Mavericks.


Opening at 11pm with a hot Band - come on in! Dance and jump around! Or stand still and bob around a little.
We run full-on from Midnight to 3am. It’s a wild exhibition of exhibitionist Artists who perform in Circus Big Top, Circus Field, Summerhouse, Theatre, Cabaret and Sensation Seekers Stages.

The Comperes!
Friday: Amy Misbehave – One the Hottest Cabaret Artists in the World!
Saturday: Dave Id – renowned random-access-memory man, famed as one of the Splott Brothers!
Sunday: Peewee – One of the Hottest freelance comedians from Easton, in Bristol, England!

The Performers!
The Woohoo Revue • Mr Woodnote • Dueling Banjos • George Egg • The Lounge Kittens • Matt  Barnard • Donald Grant • Pete Dobbing • Tom Stade • Monsters of Schlock • Maple Staplegun • Elliot Steel • Frank Sinazi • Adrienne Truscott • Jay Rawlings • Dolores Delight • Ivan Brackenberry • Briefs • Phil Nicols • Les Ooh La Las • Grant Golide • Rod Laver • Tourettes Hero & Captain Hotnives • Steve Rawlings • Sam Sebastian • Bella Kinetica Roller Blades • The Sirens • Dan the Hat • Donald Grant • Elliot Steel • Emily Bee • Tom Binns • Pick n Mix Circus • Phil Kay • Circus Kathmandu • Rachel Ponsonby • Professor Elemental • Casey Wood • Kevin Brooking • Anna Sand • Tom Campbell • James Bustar • Shay Horay • Jon Udry • Kernow King

Mavericks runs on Improvisation and Live Action - randomness is usual, mayhem is to be expected.

Dave Id (Captain Id of Splott) mixing cocktails and drinks for the Artists and for the Audience! If you are brave enough to participate in one of the Captain’s Challenges or impress the Compere in some subtle or strange way, you might get a free cocktail. Yes, the chance of free, hand-crafted, strong drink is on offer… but never for sale!

What’s on?

There will be acrobats, parcourists, magicians, comedians, physical comedians, musicians, solos, duos, trios, freak-artists,  jugglers: in short, some of the best acts in the world!

Previously on Mavericks… we saw Adrienne Truscott, Gareth Jones, Matt Henman, Adam Winrich, Paul Morrocco,  Anabelle Holland, Les Ohh La Las, Leaping’ Louie Litchenstein, Lords of Strut, Men in Coats, Classy Cool, Monsters of Schlock, Laura Tikka, Angie Mack, Dr. Brown, Sam Sebastian, Donald Grant, Kinesics Collective, Miss Radida, Yvette du Sol, amongst others…

The Line-up will be announced here in June along with an approximate running order.

Would you like to reserve a table?

We have 32 seats round 8 tables available to reserve, right in front of the stage. You need to arrive by 11.40pm at the latest.

How to reserve your table?
On June 23rd at 9pm sharp send us a tweet with your name, one reason why you love Mavericks and the colour of the underwear you will be wearing on the night and we’ll reserve a table for you. BUT, we will have to check the colour of your underwear on arrival for you to qualify on the night. So don’t slack on the caks: we are professionals.

If you don’t arrive by 11.40pm we can’t hold a table or seat for you. Get with the programme to Get It On!

Note: we don’t have a bar open to buy drinks, the nearest bar is the Ridge and Furrow bar in Bella's Field about 20 metres away. But, of course, you can bring your own booze.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mavericks! You wild and crazy festival-lovers!

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