Sensation Seekers Stage

Welcome back to Sensation Seekers Stage, where you’ll find a whole bag of wrong, that is oh, so right! We provide the tasteless to tickle your taste buds, the class you’ll feel comfortable with and the bounce to drive you bonkers!

Join us for days of delicious, unexpected and rare delights… Come and be a part of the fun and furore!

We’re currently whittling through acts, trying to find the best possible entertainment to ensure that you come to Sensation Seekers and fill your boots. We want to load you with laughter, find music to groove to, we want you to come and be a part of our kooky festival bubble!

You can’t miss us – we’re in Bella’s Field, and are the home of Sensation, a centre-stage pulsating heart, red curtains and a whole lot of love…

We’ll be giving you a delightful mix of some timeless old faithfuls and some bright new sparkly stars. Watch this space as the chaos ensues…

1.Giant Twister  3. Scott Walker's 'Up Against The Wall'4. Sensational 5. Sensation Seekers Stage

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