The Circus Field

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In the Circus Field there’s plenty of space for everyone. Big open air games are played here and exhibitions of tumbling and daredevilry often colour the whole area. If you want to learn something, there’s a Juggling Tent where laughter and fun are the mainstay of the workshops program.

This is a wide open space where you can find non- stop entertainments all day and into the night. Famous for its endless supply of walkabout characters, musicians and clowns, this is where you can stumble on amazing sights and find so much to take you away into festival fantasy land.

There’s the Worthy Farm Printing Press, the Flying Trapeze workshops and displays, the silky cabaret singers by Bella’s Bridge, riding the Rodeo Bull, birthday parties, slack rope walking and loads of crazy stuff that never ends. There are two Riser stages in this field, Circus Central and the Pavement.

This year our special show is The Ritual Ceremony of Voladores – these brave Mexicans fly on ropes from a 20 metre pole in the middle of the Circus Field in an ancient ritual display.

After dark it still keeps coming with fire shows and the famous Flying Trapeze spectacular by Above and Beyond. 10.00-1.30 hrs.

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