The Circus Field and Outside Circus Stage

The Circus Field is one of the friendliest places to spend some time at the Festival. It’s a place where all manner of funny, entertaining and bizarre characters are found, walking about between the gravity defying aerial acrobats and the brave and hilarious street performers.

In the Circus Field there’s plenty of space for everyone. Big open air games are played and exhibitions of tumbling and daredevilry often colour the whole area. If you want to learn something, there’s a Juggling Tent where laughter and fun are the mainstay of the workshops program.

That’s just next to the Outside Circus Stage. This has tiered seats and a non-stop menu of top flight street performers from all over the world. Great acts from Europe, America, Australia and Covent Garden are here and as they all want to perform at Glastonbury, we are gladly able to make a show of the very best in worldwide street arts right on the Circus Field.

After dark there is a Flying Trapeze presentation and as the acrobats fly through the lights, we all hold our breath as they reach for the catcher while we remain earthbound and astonished. During the day, the public can take a lesson from the flyers in how to swing on the trapeze which makes watching their show even more exciting as you can start to understand how tough it is to perform on the rig.

The Circus Field is one of the great unsung areas of the festival and if you’ve never been, you are in for a real treat. So please make a date and spend some time there, being richly entertained and suddenly surprised by all the terrific shows we put on each year. See you there!

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