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Have you ever noticed the flock of giant Seagulls, or the polar explorers (Strangelings) dragging their sledge across the fields of Theatre and Circus, or the grannies riding shopping trolleys and formation dancing (Granny Turismo)? If not, where have you been? Let’s make no bones about it, the best part of the festival are the walkabout performers.

Come down and work out which are your favorites:

Is it the talking Christmas Fairy campaigning for all year Christmas, the charming, splendidly attired Dapper Chaps who ride around on tall bicycles , Madame D’Orificio the lady who plays three recorders from her nose and mouth or is it the psychological examiners Ear Dentist of the Mind?

We have more walkabout performers than you shake a tent pole at and you need to come and see them. Fact.

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