DeafZone returns for 2011

May 25, 2011

DeafZone 2011 presents a veritable mix of visual wonder; there are sign language classes for keen hearing punters, plus a team of interpreters for deaf festival-goers to access the full range of acts that are offered in the Glastonbury experience.

Sign language for hearing punters
If you want to come and learn the basics in British Sign Language then sign up for a class in the sunshine at the DeafZone tent, we are situated near the meeting point in the market area.

How to book a BSL//English Interpreter – before the Festival
If you want to make sure you get an interpreter for what you want then it is best to tell us before the Festival starts.

Most headline acts and some programmes in the Poetry & Words, Astrolabe and Leftfield are allocated interpreters.

Other than that interpreters are allocated on a first-come first-served basis so get your requests in now for any bands, comedy, theatre or other events that you will want an interpreter for. For advance bookings please email:

We will send you confirmation of your request and let you know when an interpreter has been allocated. We will also include details of where to meet the interpreter and at what time.

Why not become a member of the Facebook group specifically set-up for deaf people going to Glastonbury.!/event.php?eid=179369882114240

How to book a BSL/English Interpreter – during the Festival
For information about BSL interpreted events and to make bookings during the Festival please make your way to the DeafZone tent, we are situated near the meeting point in the market area.

Please note: All out interpreters have met the criteria to register as full members to NRCDP/ASLI/VLP and have a clear enhanced disclosure CRB.

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