In A Field Of Their Own: The Unfairground

June 20, 2011

We continue our Q&As with the Festival’s venue/area organisers, with answers from The Unfairground‘s Joe Rush.

1. How would you describe your area of the Festival to someone who hasn’t visited it before?  
A nightmare party at the end of the world.

2. Have you made any changes/additions for this year?
We’ve got a flying Smart car, a Volkswagen Beetle mutated into a frog, a huge rusty Easter Island head with flames shooting out of it and we’ve re-built Car Henge as a nod to the past. Plus a crash-landed spaceship vodka bar run by the ‘House of Dolls’ hostesses.  

3. Which of your acts are you most excited about in 2011?
My line-up at Sharky’s and The Orb at Bez’s Acid House.

4. Do you have any good food recommendations in and around your area?
No I don’t eat at Glastonbury. 

5. How/when did you first get involved with the Festival?
I turned up with a burned out skull bus in 1985 and had a huge argument with Michael Eavis. 

6. What’s the best thing about running an area at Glastonbury?
You get to create exactly the party you want, with all your friends.

7. And what’s the worst?
Clearing up afterwards with a hangover.

8. Is there anything outside your area at this year’s Festival that you’re particularly looking forward to?
B.B. King

9. What’s the best performance you’ve ever seen at Glastonbury?
The Desert Orchids belly dancing troupe.

10. Finally, what’s your top Glastonbury tip for people coming to the Festival for the first time?
Get to the late night areas before 11pm and the one-way system comes into action.

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