Worthy View Disabled Information

There are no separate disabled weekend tickets. However, once you have secured your Festival ticket in the usual way, please contact us for an application form for access to disabled facilities on-site. Everyone planning to buy Festival tickets needs to register. Pedestrian access from the Festival site to “Worthy View” is via a footpath at a gradient which is not suitable for wheelchairs, perambulators or child buggies.

There will be a wheelchair accessible toilet/shower available at Worthy View, however advanced facilities (power/ medicine storage/ wheelchair power) are not possible on this site.

Disabled Festival-goers who wish to book accommodation at “Worthy View” may wish to drive from “Worthy View” to the disabled car park, from where a shuttle service is available to the Festival site. Alternatively, disabled facilities are available on the Festival site. For further information, please go to the Disabled Information page.

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