Worthy View Facilities

On site Bar, Restaurant, Toilets, Showers, 24 Hour Information Point, 24 Hour Security & Stewards, First Aid cabin


• They are open plan communal type showers and have a changing room prior to getting to the shower area
• They are separated into male and female showers
• You may want to bring a bikini or swimming shorts if you don’t want to shower in the nude!
• Showers will open 7:00am – 14:00pm and then 18:00pm – 23:00pm


• There are three main locations for toilets at Worthy View; the main toilet block by the farm, the Village Green and new for 2014, within the campsite.
• The toilets are the trailer type in the main toilet block and then plastic toilets in the other locations

Information Point

The Pink Check-In is also the Worthy View 24 Hour Information Point. If you have any questions or comments please have a chat with our Worthy View Staff and they will do their best to give you the information you need (or try and find it out for you!).

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