Campervan & Caravan Spaces in the Accessible Campsite


 • We do have a limited number of campervan/ caravan spaces available in the accessible campsite. These are reserved for those people that would be unable to use the standard campervan fields and/ or are unable to camp due to their disability.

• Campervan tickets for 2017 will cost £100 for a standard pitch up to 8m length. These spaces must be booked and paid for through the Access Requirement Pack. They do sell out so should be booked early.

• Campervan/ caravans over 8m can no longer be parked in the accessible campsite. They can however be parked in the Bath & West Showground. For more information on this please contact the Access Team.

• We do also offer a limited number of reserve spaces in the East & West campervan fields for disabled customers that do not require access to the facilities within the accessible campsite. You must have already have secured a campervan ticket in order to request one of these spaces via the Access Team.


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