Glastonbury Festival 2014

2011 winners' blog

Following their victory in our 2011 Emerging Talent Competition, we've asked Treetop Flyers to write a blog for the Glastonbury website, as they build up to their Other Stage performance at the Festival.

Tuesday 21 June 2011

So we are Ready for Glastonbury now! We played at the Feis festival last Saturday which was a great warm up for our sets over the weekend.

I just hope, suppose like you are too, that it doesn't rain like it did Saturday. If it does though, we'll still have fun.

We were also invited down by Peter, the Chairman of the Pilton Working Man's Cub (Top man that one!) to play a gig for the Glastonbury workers and locals this past Sunday. The gig was great and it bought back memories of when we won the ETC competition there. (Thanks again Mr Eavis for having good taste in music). We had a little tour around the village which is beautiful.

So for all you punters, our winning slot is 12:20 on Other Stage on Saturday afternoon, It'll be great to see you down there to help calm our nerves which will be having the time of there lives that afternoon!! I just can't wait now.

We're off to Belfast tomorrow morning for our first show ever in Northern Ireland.  We are really looking forward that, then we catch a flight at 8:30 in the morning straight to Bristol to be picked up by Jonny boy for him to drive us down to the site. You probably didn't need to know our travel arrangements, but I'm happy now you do just in case you were worrying.

The van is getting packed in an hour with all our equipment and goodies for the weekend, and CDs for the journey. Give us your best shot Worthy Farm we can't wait!

Fields Of Avalon Stage          17.30 Thurs
West Holts Backstage Bar        10pm Thurs
Strummerville                   1am Thurs
MSF Live Stage (stripped)       3.30pm Fri
Other Stage                     12.20 Sat
Fluffy Rock Café                3.40 pm Sat


Wednesday 15 June 2011

So, there's a week to go till Glastonbury. It's starting to become a reality! Got me wellies, tent and even contemplated buying a portable grill yesterday. We love our bbq! Before we hit up Glastonbury however we have a few shows to do..

First off we are honored to be playing at this year's Feis Festival in Finsbury Park. That's not even the best part. Bob Dylan is playing too! We can't express just how excited we are about this. The next day we are doing a special warm up show for all the behind the scenes heroes of Glastonbury at Pilton Working Men's club, the very place we won the emerging talent contest. Then we have a couple of days to pack before we jet over to Belfast to play a headline show at the Open House Festival.

Then it's the big one. GLASTONBURY BABY! We have 6 shows spread all over the festival so please do come and hang with us. We will announce all our stage times when we get them so watch this space. Fingers crossed for the weather but bring your wellies and waterproof's just in case our tribal dancing makes it rain.

Another reminder that you can now buy our new single 'Things Will Change' on itunes and on ten inch vinyl from us and/or specialist record stores.

That's all for now folks, see you down the front!

Matthew x

Monday 6 June 2011

So we are finally in June and it’s under 3 weeks to the festival so what have we been doing?
Well the launch for our new single finally came around and we played to a sold out crowd at The Borderline in London. Thanks so much for everyone who came and bought tickets to make it sell out a week before!!! Much love going out to you all. You can now buy this on 10’’ Vinyl!!

What else? We did a short tour with Duke Sprit which saw us play in Nottingham, York, Northampton (Funny little town that one) and Cambridge for the first time which was really good. I would say York was one of the highlights. We went shopping and bought flat caps from a market, Tomer bought a really expensive Cowboy shirt! You may see this at the Festival, if you do ask him about it!!!

We had a post-gig band workout ha ha which consisted of us all, well mainly me falling over a lot in my quest to show my strength (video footage available upon request). Then we all meet the lovely Mama Dawson (our manager’s mum) who put us up for the night in what can be described as the best house ever. She made us Chilli that night and bacon 'n eggs in the morning, I slept with ET and nearly knocked Sam out with him in the morning, Sorry Bro ha.

Nerves are starting to surface ahead of the big day and set orders and what songs to play are the subject of daily chat. We have just been informed that we will be performing a couple of acoustic tracks and having a chat with Steve from Worthy FM on Friday live from the festival at 12 so tune in and cop out

Much Love
Reid (lead vocals)

Monday 23 May 2011

It's been a busy ten days since our last blog.  We've been out on the road playing gigs almost every night, sleeping on people’s floors around the country.  Thanks to friends and extended family for that!  It's been great playing in new cities we hadn't had the opportunity to play in before. 

Today is the release of our single, "Things Will Change" through Communion Records, and tonight we have our launch party at The Borderline which is sold out!  We're going to spend the day warming up and making a mix CD to play in-between bands because we all know if you leave it to the house engineer you usually end up with something inappropriate like Norwegian black metal or Charmillionaire.

After tonight we've got a few gigs dotted around in the lead up to Glastonbury, which gives us time to work on the new songs we're hoping to play at the festival, and record after the festival is over.  Our set list for Other Stage is still up in the air.  There’s debate about whether to play a quiet song like “Is It All Worth It?” or not.  We’ve never played in front of so many people before, so we’re not quite sure what works on a stage that size.  Still waiting on tips from our last blog question by the way!  What do you think this is, a one way conversation? Tweet us on @treetopflyers.


Friday 13 May 2011

Last week we got to visit the Glastonbury site for a 6 Music session with Lauren Laverne, before all the stages get put up, minus all the people, just as a working farm. It will be interesting to see it in 6 weeks time. It's hard to imagine even 10,000 people fitting in the space around the Pyramid Stage, let alone 100,000!

We also spoke with Michael Eavis briefly and thanked him again.  Inbetween our first and second song on the air we got an offer to do a session on Absolute Radio, which was crazy. After the session, we all drove up to the Stone Circle, with Nora the Jack Russell puppy in the back of a range rover.  We had a little jam with Fyfe; lovely lot those Guillemots. All in all it was a magical kind of day.

We also just got added to the XFM evening playlist a couple of days ago and played a song on John Kennedy's show last night. Each opportunity keeps leading to another and it's impossible to sit back and take stock of where we are compared with even a month ago, but all we can say is keep it coming! I'm loving every moment of this, we all are.

We have 6 performances at Glastonbury now, but we're planning on making time to see The Coral, The Bees, Paul Simon, BB King, Caitlin Rose, The Eels and Queens of the Stone Age.  If we can squeeze in more, we definitely will.

As this will be my first time, I'm open to tips and ideas for how to make the most of the festival; anyone? Let us know via Twitter

Treetop Flyers

Wed 4 May 2011

So where do we begin? It's finally sunken in now just how important winning the Emerging Talent Competition was. A lot of very good and interesting opportunities have arisen which is great, and also we now know the prize winning slot, half 1 on the Saturday on the Other Stage which is amazing but quite scary. So please come down to watch us!

We are big fans of the Coral and we were watching their set on the Other Stage a couple of years back, very big stage indeed. We are all really hyped about playing there and perhaps some other stages at Glastonbury this year.

The whole experience of the Emerging Talent final is one I'm sure we will never forget. It was glorious day weather wise and all 8 bands who made it there were very nice indeed, everyone trying to hide their nerves of course. I must say for an event with so much at stake it ran like clockwork - in fact, it was even running 10 minutes ahead of time which did relax things a little. I think we played the best we could have on the night and by the general reaction of the crowd everyone seemed to really dig it so it made us feel good. And when Michael Eavis announced us as winners we all were like, 'Really? Did he just say us Treetop Flyers?!' Ha.

I would recommend entering the ETC competition to any band for next year, Firstly it's free to enter and you have a chance at playing most probably the biggest and most well know festival in the world, so a win win situation. Lastly I'd like to thank our drummer for entering us!

Until next time.........

Treetop Flyers