What you can do to reduce your impact


TAKE YOUR TENTS AND ALL YOUR CAMPING EQUIPMENT HOME. Thousands of tents and abandoned camping equipment like airbeds, roll mats, chairs, blankets and gazebos are left after each festival. Think responsibly when you are packing your bags to come to Glastonbury, don’t bring items that will end up in Landfill, or that you won’t be able to take back home again.

LIMIT WHAT YOU BRING, AND CLEAN UP BEHIND YOU. Remember that you have the energy to do multiple trips back to your car on the Wednesday when you are feeling fresh but come the Monday morning after 5 days of partying and having fun energy levels are very low.

REDUCE YOUR BOTTLED WATER CONSUMPTION. The water that come from the taps is heavily monitored and tested twice daily, it is very safe to drink we encourage people to drink the tap water and reduce their consumption of bottled water. We’re trying to make a big cut back on the mountain of plastic bottles that we get through; so if you buy a bottle of water just keep refilling it.

USE WATER SPARINGLY. It is really important to conserve water at the festival, just because we have built a second reservoir to allow us to become sustainable for water doesn’t mean we want to use lots more. Please don’t put your boots under the taps to wash them this is a huge waste of water and not necessary, don’t leave taps running.

USE THE LOOS. Don’t pee just anywhere, the ground really can’t take it. Remember there are 175,000 people at the Festival and all that urine goes straight into the water table and into rivers and streams for miles around. It isn’t good for the ground and it isn’t good for the fish! If you are caught peeing you run the risk of being ridiculed by the Green Police. There will be more toilets than ever including compost toilets and they will be a lot cleaner too they are inspected twice a day by environmental health students and some blocks have cleaners on them 24/7.

PUT ALL RUBBISH INTO BINS AND BIN-BAGS. There are now 40,000 very well signposted and beautifully painted bins (colour-coded for recycled and other rubbish) virtually everywhere on site for your rubbish. As you enter the site stewards will hand you a black bag and a green bag – please fill these up as you go!

USE THE ‘BUTT BINS’. Please use the big white cigarette bins around the site. A cigarette butt can take up to 8 years to break down. There will also be buckets of sand outside venues to put your cigarettes out, please use them.

REMOVE TENT PEGS. Please remove all your tent pegs from the ground. It is really important not to leave any behind because they get imbedded in the ground and when the fields get rotavated, the metal pegs get chopped-up into small pieces, and if the cows eat them they could die.

HOP ON THE BUS. Arriving by bus is by far the greenest way to travel to the festival. Our aim is to get 40,000 people travelling to Glastonbury by coach and train this year – nearly a third of all Festivalgoer’s.

REGISTER WITH LIFT SHARE if you going to be coming by car and jump in someone else’s car or put your car up for sharing to the festival. If you’re coming by car fill your car up and maximize the load.

JUMP ON THE TRAIN. Rail is another really good option to travel to the festival check out your train travel options on www.raileasy.co.uk or National Rail Enquiries on 08457 484950.

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