2014 Green Trader Awards

Awards_Sat-4908Sustainable Green Trader Awards 2014!
They’re back! And they’re bigger and better than ever..! Yes, indeed, the hunt is on for the cleanest, greenest and fairest traders at Glastonbury Festival 2014. Now a well-established fixture, with over 500 traders participating in 2013, the Sustainable Green Trader Awards recognise the fantastic things that traders are doing to reduce their environmental impact at the festival and to source ethically and fairly.

Win a FREE PITCH at Glastonbury 2015! 
Traders entering the Sustainable Green Trader Awards are in with a chance of winning a free pitch at next year’s festival! Other prizes include half-price pitches, prestigious certificates and a host of other goodies supplied by Glastonbury Festival and the organisations supporting the Awards: the Fairtrade Foundation, the Soil Association and the National Caterers Association (NCASS).

As well as Gold and Silver Awards for food and non-food stalls, there are a range of other Awards to be won – for the full list and to see who won last year, read more here.Awards_Sat-5129People’s Choice Award
The People’s Choice Award is back in 2014, giving festival-goers the chance to vote for the traders they think are doing the most to be sustainable. So make sure you show off about your green credentials so your customers know. The competition will be run on Twitter, so be sure to follow @Green_Traders to find out more.

How to enter
To enter the 2014 Awards, all you need to do is complete the online survey before Friday 13 June 2014. This includes questions about how you will travel to the festival, what waste you will generate and how you deal with it, what you will be selling and where it comes from and plenty of space for explaining anything else you are doing to be sustainable. It will take 5-10 minutes to complete. When you are on site, the Green Trader Awards Team will come and visit your stall to discuss your entry and present you with a beautiful sticker to show you have participated.


How to win!
Even if you don’t think you are the greenest of them all, small steps to improve can really impress the judges. When planning your stall at Glastonbury think about being as clean, green and fair as possible. There are loads of things you can do to reduce the impact your stall has on the planet, which can also save you money.

Many traders have asked for hints and tips on how to make their stalls greener and source more sustainably. Below are some advice sheets the Green Traders Award Team have produced to help you. We are hoping to add to these over the coming weeks, so do check back for more information. We hope you find them useful.

PDF Downloads:

Sustain guide
Foods sourcing

-Non-food sourcing

Recycling info

Waste info

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