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We do from time to time ask people for their personal details in forms to subscribe for specific information, or entering applications electronically. This data is only held for the specified purpose and is never shared with any third party organisations. Cookies may be used from time to time to assist us in presenting the website in a more usable format, but they are never used to track users movements through this website.

Personal information collected via this website & registration for is owned and controlled by Glastonbury Festivals Limited (the data controller). The data collected will be held and administered on the Vice-Versa CRM System they will act as the data processor on behalf of Glastonbury Festivals Limited. We are notified under the Data Protection Act 1998 and comply with the Act in all our dealings with your personal data.


The copyright in the text on this website is owned by Glastonbury Festivals Limited (‘we, ‘us’ ‘our’, ‘the Festival’) except where it is specifically stated that the information was previously published elsewhere and/or the copyright is acknowledged to another party, usually the original publisher or writer. Any text on this website that is marked with the copyright notice of any other party apart from the Festival is that person’s intellectual property and you must contact that person or organisation if you wish to use their material.

Subject to the above, other publications are very welcome to copy all or part of any article(s) on this website where Glastonbury Festivals Limited hold the copyright on the strict condition that this website is acknowledged and a link (in online publishing) or the address (in print) to this website is provided as part of the article. If you do wish to use an article in this way you must send details of this using the contact details found on the ‘Contacts’ page of this website.

Glastonbury Festivals Limited owns the copyright in all photographs taken by employees and volunteers of the Glastonbury Festival. However, photographs taken by freelance photographers who have purchased their tickets to the Festival, with specific permission to work as a freelance photographer, retain the copyright of these images. They are published here with their permission for this websites promotional use only and may not be used without the original copyright owner’s permission.

Higher resolution versions of photographs found on this website are usually available for use in publications. We can also advise if any appropriate fee is payable for use of the photograph. Please advise when requesting a picture of the full web address of the picture required or of the subject matter. We will also provide details of the appropriate credit to be used when the picture is used. You may not copy and use any photographs or other artwork without our permission. Any approved licences for the use of photographs, text material or other material from this website will be governed by the laws of England and Wales.

Limitation of Liability

Whilst the data owner, Glastonbury Festivals Limited (and the event organisers, Glastonbury Festival Events Ltd, together the ‘Festival’) will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that all material found on this website is accurate and up to date it cannot guarantee this to users/readers and neither Glastonbury Festivals Limited nor Glastonbury Festival Events Ltd represent that the information contained on this website is accurate, complete or verified and will accept no liability or obligation (whether at law or otherwise) for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this website or for any loss or damage suffered by any person, company or other organisation from any reliance placed upon the information found on this website. Users/readers of this website are requested to note that pages published in relation to previous years festivals (and clearly indicated as such at the top of each page, and by the address starting does not necessarily apply to the current year’s Festival.

Pages that acknowledge a specific author do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Festival but are presented as the opinion of that author. The Festival has no responsibility for the contents of such articles.

If you wish to submit an article to this website it must be on the understanding that all writing is the original work of the author/s in question, unless otherwise attributed or referenced. Authors must confirm that, where verbatim quotations have been employed, these quotations are incorporated into the works with the full permission of the subject. It is the responsibility of authors to clear permission for quotations, illustrations, tables, photographs and diagrams, etc. (where required), and to pay any applicable licence or permission fees. By submitting any works, the author releases Glastonbury Festivals Limited from any liability therein, including but not limited to any copyright infringement and defamatory comment which are the author(s)’s sole responsibility and liability.

Recording the Festival

If you wish to film or record the Festival please make sure you have read our Broadcaster, Internet and Filming Access Policy If you wish to bring a camcorder to the Festival for your own private use please see our guide to filming at the Festival.

Trade Marks

‘Glastonbury Festival’, ‘Glastonbury’ and the Festival’s official logo are all registered trademarks owned by Glastonbury Festivals Limited. All rights reserved.


This website is owned by Glastonbury Festivals Ltd.

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