The Glastonbury Gallery is go!

September 3, 2009

We’ve just launched a brand new feature here on the official site. With your help, the Glastonbury Gallery will allow us to create a pictorial record of the Festival from its earliest days right up until this year’s event.

To be a part of it, head over to the Glastonbury Gallery page and upload your favourite Festival picture(s), adding the appropriate year, location and tags, plus a short caption. Please note, the pictures have to be yours (rather than pics you’ve found elsewhere).

You can then browse all the pictures in the gallery by year, tag or where they were taken etc. If you want pictures of "wellies" or "1997" or "dancing", you’ll only be a click away.

Of course, the gallery will only be as good as the pictures (and info) which you folks upload to it. So, get over there and start uploading your pics…



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