Worthy causes update: Oxfam

December 6, 2010

Did you visit one of the three Oxfam shops at Glastonbury in 2010 to pick up some festival essentials?

Thank you!

You helped us to raise £44,000 for Oxfam!

That’s enough to provide the materials to build 225 latrines in a humanitarian crisis; or to provide 4,458 families with emergency hygiene kits that include a bucket, soap and a cloth; or safe water to over 73,000 people in an emergency. After a week at a Festival we can all appreciate the importance of water and toilets.

Glastonbury 2011 may seem very far away, but you can keep on shopping and reviving those festival memories with the Glastonbury Scrapbook. Launched to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Glastonbury, this fantastic limited edition book has been hugely popular. It is now exclusively available in Oxfam shops across the country at a stocking filler price tag of £10.

From each book £7.50 will go towards Oxfam’s project in Haiti helping people prepare for disasters, responding to tropical storms, flooding and hurricanes. The project provides training to communities in how to reduce risks when disasters strike, and emergency shelters for storing emergency equipment throughout the year as well as housing communities during disasters.

“Having this centre is a big step forward for people in the area. It’s very useful to the community who use it as temporary shelter when hurricanes are announced, or in the event of flooding." Michel Telot, member of the Local Committee of Disaster Risk Management in Petite Anse, Haiti.

Help us continue to help people like Michel – snap up your copy of the Glastonbury scrapbook now, find your nearest Oxfam shop at www.oxfam.org.uk/shopfinder

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