Upon entering Shangri-La you’ll be met with an all too familiar scene – THE PARADE will serve as a poignant reflection of the current state of UK high streets, cleverly intertwining the impacts of capitalism through captivating immersive installations and powerful performances. 

THE PARADE acknowledges the decline of traditional retail spaces while inviting artists and organisations to shed light on the perils of greed and offer alternative ways to occupy and revitalise these areas. By deliberately overwhelming the senses, we aim to raise awareness and ignite a transformative shift in how we perceive and approach this change. 

Step into the enchanting realm of the ShangriMART, where your daily print-based desires will find ultimate fulfilment, or venture next door to the faithful Charity Shop, a haven where discarded garments destined for landfill are transformed into personalised, one-of-a-kind t-shirts. (Giant Triplets / TRAID)

As you wander up the street, allow yourself to be captivated by the artistic prowess of Felt queen Lucy Sparrow and her mesmerising Newsagent, Sew Your Soul. Indulge your intellectual curiosity at the thought-provoking bookshop of maverick Jonny Banger, where you’ll discover the intriguing world of situationist literature and Books Are Weapons!

Many others have liquidated but Tat Vision’s shop Tat’s Ya Lot is managing to keep the lights on – thanks to their new “investors” – Musk, Bezos and Branson.

The War Crimes Parlour (C.A.A.T.) will assist you in all your deathly needs whilst the State Agents evaluate your ladder status, and your money haemorrhages in front before your eyes at The Bank (Imbue)  

Fear not, the Bureau De Change (Reel News) will come to your rescue, and the neighbouring  Date Dealers Emporium (Coral Manton) awaits, eager to acquire your data and attention, skillfully predicting your hopes and dreams.

Look no further for courier service at We Tried To Deliver, but while you wait (it could take some time) Snap up a silky slice at The Pigs Ear (Ruth Faulkner) And when it’s time to refresh, trust FOKA WOLF to take care of your “laundry” needs.

Don’t forget to grab some Capitalism To Go Go at Hannah Dickins’ gaff on your way to NOWHERE…a destination where the possibilities are endless, and imagination knows no bounds.

Also featuring billboard artwork by Jim Woodall who ShangriLa 2023, Woodall has created a new collage made from bank notes, Taking the song Dirty Cash (Money Talks), and using the cover of the 12” release as a graphic starting point and artwork title, Dirty Cash is a collaged billboard, formed into a giant grid, with the bank notes becoming pixels. These are used to create a subliminal text that is intended to get into the viewer’s head. “Dirty Cash I Want You Dirty Cash I Need You … ”.

There is a nod towards 1990’s internet banner adverts – the first of their kind at the time.

This heralded the dawn of e-commerce, internet scams and later crypto currencies. With the majority of the bank notes featuring world leaders or people designated to be aspirational or warlikemascots, the artwork points to modes of control, ownership and imperialism.

The Hell Bus:
“The Hell Bus returns to Shangri-La, having now crashed into a smouldering Hell petrol station, and its doors have flung open to unveil a pre-apocalyptic marketing suite all about oil company greenwashing; satirising the absurd spectacle of oil and gas corporations trying to convince the public that they’re going to help save the world from oil and gas corporations.

Inside the bus will be a mixture of dioramas, interactive pieces and illustrations satirising oil companies’ greenwashing techniques showing that the satirical versions aren’t too different to the real versions. By bringing it to Shangri-La, Darren hopes to inform people about greenwashing so that they can recognise it when faced with it in their everyday lives, and not be fooled by it.

Darren wants to inoculate people against greenwashing, so they can identify it and reject it as the absurd propaganda that it is. Oil companies require a social licence to operate and they will say and do anything to keep that licence. Darren sees his job as trying to erode the permission we give to oil giants to destroy the world as we know it.”

Twice But Nice – Charity Shop 

Open 3pm – 6pm and 9pm – 12am

Appearances are not what they seem…Step into Twice But Nice to reveal Shangri-La’s very own Charity Shop. 

T Shirts predestined for landfill donated by TRAID will be screen printed live by Giant Triplets and YOU!  – turning them into one off pieces – with different artists work printed each day. Featuring the artists Dr D, Good Girl Gang, Merny, PatternUp, Paul Insect, Shangri-La x Instruct, Sportsbanger.

Profits will be going to No Sweat – A grassroots anti-sweatshop campaign that works in solidarity with independent trade unions and workers rights groups around the world.

Traid will also be selling their wares in the Shop so come in, hang out, make art, and leave more fabulous while giving to two great causes. 

Giant Triplets : “At our core, we are all about transforming event clothing into something truly special, with a positive social and environmental impact. 

Did you know that the fashion and textile industry has an astonishingly high water footprint? It takes a staggering 2720 Litres of water to make a single T-Shirt, which is equivalent to the amount you would drink in three years! 

The hands-on nature of the process and the tactile quality of our D.I.Y. approach add a unique human touch to everything we create. Screen printing is not just beautiful; it’s also a historically accessible and democratic way to convey a message to a wide audience. We view it as a powerful tool to spread awareness about sustainability and mindful consumption.

 If you’re attending Glastonbury Festival, all you need to do is choose your pre-loved garment  from our charity shop.To ensure sustainability, we use water-based dyes that work best with natural fibers. Just watch as we print your items right in front of you, and voila! You’ll leave with your new sustainable merch.”

“TRAID is a charity that works to stop clothes from being thrown away, turning them into funds and resources to reduce the environmental and social impacts of fashion.It tackles the problems of clothes waste by: Increasing clothes reuse across the UK, reducing waste, carbon emissions and consumption

Funding international development projects to improve conditions and working practices in the textile industry

Educating people of all ages about the impacts of textiles on the environment and people’s lives, and how we can make more sustainable choices”

Haus of Lucy
Marvel at Lucy’s work in the Charity Shop window display. Lucy’s work is a commentary about consumerism, the high street (or demise there of) and the communities we live in: a perfect fit with Shangri-La’s theme ‘Everything Must Go’ centering on the demise of the high street. Go and see her solo show at Enter Gallery in Brighton the week after Glastonbury Lucy’s prints offer a tongue-in-cheek look at the way we live today, utilising traditional oils and bringing them bang up to date. Buy her brilliant plates at the ShangriMART!

Stuart Semples Happy Clouds
Stuart Semple’s iconic smiley faced, artificial eco-clouds will be seen above the festival. These helium and soap clouds have been seen at museums in London, Milan, Hong Kong, Toronto, Denver and Dublin. Now these fleeting ephemeral moments of joy will rise from Shangri-la to fill the skies above the festival. 

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