The Temple

Welcome to Temple23, portal into the soul of rave culture. In the year of organised chaos,  ‘23 in the Temple will present a completely uncompromising dancefloor experience; positive energy smashed apart and rebuilt over and over, Get ready to navigate through a kaleidoscope of sound and light, a deep connection to the bloodied & beating heartbeat of the universe, but with your ears full of popping candy and shards of vibrating audio shrapnel. The gloves are off Glastonbury!

Thursday slams its way into life with a D&B line up that will hit like a smash and grab raid on your senses! Bou B2B Hedex kick things off, Kleu, Resist & Born on Road bring the heat, with the Uncommon Records crew close things out. Friday showcases acid techno legends Stay Up Forever along with a classic high octane Grove performance & rave heavy weights Altern8 & Shadowchild.

Saturday at the Temple will go down in rave history… get there early as you won’t want to miss it… let’s just leave it there. Then K Motionz, Sub Focus B2B Dimension and 30 years of V recordings round things off on Sunday. Buckle up and brace yourselves: Commoners, Temple23 chaos for real.


Rum Shack

The Rum Shack is your very own house party in the naughty corner! A beacon for some of the greatest ‘about-to-blow’ live bands, DJ’s and surprise sets – alumni include Kae Tempest, Kojey Radical, Akala and Mike Skinner. Who’s the ‘next big thing’ you’ll be vibing to??

Here, fresh talent rubs shoulders with heavyweight legends across rap, hip hop, bass and global beats… anything goes! This year Friday night at the Rum Shack is home to Glastonbury’s first Afrobeats and Amapiano night.  70+ year old rappers Pete & Bas, plus the legendary Kurupt FM take the stage on Saturday. Lyrix Organix infamous annual takeover celebrates Hip Hop 50 on Thursday… and don’t forget our notorious Wild Card slot! Will it be you taking to the decks to DJ at Glastonbury??

Knock. Knock. Come on in! 

Follow @rumshackglasto on Instagram for an announcement.

Fireside Stories

Expand your mind and nourish your soul to the soothing soundtrack of the fire’s crackle. New for 2023, we invite you to take a seat as we hold space around the sacred fire to listen to each other, to ourselves and to Mother Earth. 

Join us for a programme of ceremony, conversation, talks, workshops and performances that will ignite passion, purpose and inner fires which we can carry back to all our lives, to the different lands we come from, and the new world we are creating together. 

On Friday we explore how the myths and stories from the past influence the present and make space for the new with supreme sage from the likes of the Wisdom Keepers, Mac Macartney, Guy Shrubsole and Victoria Sinclair . Saturday we receive knowledge and tools that can help us move through these times, with Breath & Bass breathwork sessions and calls to action from revolutionaries such as Seed Sistas and Aimée Tollan of Breaking Convention . Join us on Sunday as we light the fire of the future…

19.30  Xicome The Call of Quetzalcoatl ritual –  Bridging the ancient and the now, electronic music of Alyosha Barreiro, dances, prayers and rites, copal and the cacao, the beat of the drum, the rattle, the conch and songs in nahuatl, as part of the Common’s Opening Ceremony. 

12.00 Lighting of the Fire for the Past – Learn the way of the Sacred Fire with the Wisdom Keepers
14.30 Opening Fire and Water Ceremony with the Wisdom Keepers, Xicome, Chris Park and Victoria Sinclair
15.45 Panel Discussion – Birth the New Earth – Mac Macartney, Guy Shrubsole, Paul Powlesland, Victoria Sinclair, Chris Park, Abuelos Kuauhtli, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, Michelle Button, Amy-Jane Beer and Hannah Kendaru as host, on the change we are in.

12.00 Lighting of the Fire for the Present – Dharma Stars Team
14.00  The Witches & Their Flying High Lubrication – a 21st Century production with the Seed Sistas – who will tell tales of witches, shamans, medicine folk of the globe, their more ethereal practices and what it all means anyway.
14.30 Panel Discussion – Plants for Medicine and Magic with The Seed Sistas, Aimee Tollan, Martin Coat and Abuelos Ehekamitl, Kuauhtli, Michelle Button, and Hannah Kendaru as host.
16.15 Right to Roam Workshop: Water, wildness and wonder: why your river needs you with Amy-Jane Beer and Paul Powlesland
17.30 Breath and Bass – with Alex Nunes & Kerry Veitch – A deep digital journey guided by your breath. (You will be lying down for this sound scape experience)

12.00 The Lighting of the Fire for the Future with the Dharma Stars team
14.30 Fireside Stories – The Dragon and the Serpent – Celtic, Druidic and Quetzalcoatl prophecies. Come and receive powerful transmissions to take you forward as co-creators of the new earth. With Victoria Sinclair, Chris Park and Xicome.

Mez Yard

The Copperdollar Collective return with “The Spirits of Mezcal” for the second year running.
Join them in the Mez Yard for a night of Mayhem.
Drink the sacred fire water and gaze through the spiralling aftermath to witness, a multi-sensory mash up of eclectic party tunes, kaleidoscopic visuals and striking dance played out by the mischievous spirits of the Mezcal.




Venue open
Wednesday Thursday 8pm till 3am
Friday and Saturday 9pm till 6am
Sunday 9pm till 5am

Performance Shenanigans
Thursday 9pm till 11pm
Friday 1am till 3pm
Saturday 1am till 3pm

See you there!

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