Emily’s top ten green tips

June 23, 2009

Hello! Here are a few tips on making your visit to the Festival as green as possible. Think zero waste. Don’t leave your tent – pack it up and take it home. Please remember this is a farm and we need to get the cows back grazing in the field as soon as we can! The less clean up there is for the litter pickers, the quicker normal life can resume for the cows.

Top Ten Green Tips
1. If you’re going to bring wipes, please bring bio-degegradable ones.
2. Pack realistically-don’t bring anything you’re not going to be able to take home.
3. Use the bin bags that you are given when you come through the gate – the green one for recyclable materials and the black bag for non-recyclables.
4. Don’t leave your tent behind.
5. In fact, don’t leave anything behind!
6. Recycle your waste on site.
7. Re-use your water bottle/cup.
8. Take all your tent pegs home with you.
9. Butt it and bin it- use the cigarette butt bins
10. Vsit the Green Fields, eat in the wholesome cafés and learn some green living skills.

And, above all, have a great time!


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