Gallery: Worthy Pastures campsite opening weekend

July 26, 2021

This weekend saw the opening of our Worthy Pastures pre-erected campsite at the Festival, and it was so nice to have our first guests along. There was a really lovely atmosphere on-site, with Michael chatting with the campers as they explored the site and sampled the stalls and activities.

We’ve also had our first media reviews, with The Telegraph calling the site “a beautiful place to spend a few days”, The Sun describing it as “perfect for a nostalgic holiday” and Greatest Hits Radio declaring, “there’s much more to see and try than I expected… it’s also great having so much safe space for kids to run around in and I saw lots of relaxed parents”.

The site is now open for the summer until the end of August – get more information and book your space here.

All pics above by Tom Jackson

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