PA 2-for-1 Ticket Scheme


If you are unable to attend the festival without the assistance of a PA you can apply for one of our complimentary PA Tickets. Customers wishing to apply for a PA ticket must purchase their own ticket in the October sale but not one for their PA.


In order to apply for a PA ticket you must be able to provide one of the following forms of supporting documentation;

Middle or Higher rate DLA for care and/or mobility
– Receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
– Nimbus Access Card – + 1 category requirement –
– Armed forces Independent payment
– War Disablement Pension
– D/deaf or blind registration
– Medical professionals letter

Documents must show your full name and be dated from no older than 2017. Once we have checked and processed your application your documentation will be destroyed.

If you wish to join the Glastonbury Festival database please confirm this on your application. Joining this database means you will not need to re-submit your supporting documentation again until the 2022 Festival.

Photo ID

Anyone wanting to apply for the PA Scheme must also provide a form of photo ID with their forms. This could be a passport, driving licence or concessionary travel card. Please refer to for more info.


– If you can provide the supporting documentation required, you should only buy your ticket in the October sale.

– Once you have paid your £50 deposit you can then request the PA Application & Access Packs.

– The PA Application Packs will be available from the Access Team. You can request this by emailing

– Please note only ticket holders (customers aged 13 and over) can apply for the PA Ticket Scheme.

– PA’s attending through this scheme need to be 18 years old by the start of the festival.

– The deadline to apply for the PA Scheme is Friday 15th March. Applications received after this date cannot be accepted.

Please Note: If there is a resale in the Spring the PA Scheme will reopen to anyone that successfully gets a ticket in this resale only.

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