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Here’s a blog from our 2013 Emerging Talent Competition winners, Bridie Jackson & The Arbour, whose prize was a slot at this year’s Festival…

Sunday 21st July

Sunday 30th June

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Bridie – Sunday morning was our show at The Avalon stage, and also our last gig of the Festival. Just before going on stage we saw Bruce Forsyth arriving with his entourage! The crowd were fantastic, and we were very happy to see someone in the front row who knew all the words to our last single, Scarecrow.

Carol – The promise of a free CD found a crowd swamping our merch men/women. We’re sure we spotted Brucie in there … after all, the price was right!

Rachel – In between our own performances, we’ve all thoroughly enjoyed seeing lots of fantastic bands play and experiencing all the amazing areas of the Festival. Musical highlights for us have included The Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Alt-J, Amanda Palmer, Daughter, Everything Everything, Francois & The Atlas Mountains, Mad Dog McRae, and some smaller bands on the Bandstand including Hot Feet and the Duckworths…

Carol – We’ve also had on our fame-dar, spotting the likes of Fatboy Slim, Howard Marks, Jodie Kidd, Mitch Benn and many more, disappointingly getting all fired up over ‘spotting’ Bez from the Happy Mondays – we had the wrong guy, but a good doppleganger!

The size of the site, the diversity of the crowds, the areas to visit and explore, the wonderful sights, sounds and smells, the food, the art, the street performances and all the surprises that await you around every corner and turn of the head make Glastonbury an awe inspiring experience for any first-timer. Our journey was made even more amazing by the process that has found us here.

Bridie – Now we are all back home, exhausted but elated. We all want to say thank you so much to the production and transport teams who were so helpful, everyone that came to see us, and most importantly to The Glastonbury ETC team – we have had the time of our lives!

Saturday 29th June

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Bridie – Saturday was our prize winning slot at The Acoustic stage, and it was a really lovely gig; great to see so many Newcastle faces in the crowd supporting us.

Jenny – We didn’t know how many people to expect or who would drag themselves out of bed to watch an early performance, so it was amazing peeping out of the curtains just before going on stage to see a crowd rushing to the front of the tent to see us!

Carol – Backstage at The Acoustic was all ‘Alice In Wonderland’ with lots of nibbles with tags begging us to ‘Eat Me’ or ‘Drink Me’. We obliged. There was no sign of the Cheshire Cat though but we were grinning enough to make him look like a prize gurner!

Friday 28th June

Bridie – By Friday thankfully the sun had come out again and in the afternoon we were driven to The Bandstand stage for an interview with BBC Look North and our first public performance, which was great fun. Someone in the crowd filmed Prolong, our new single, and put it up on Youtube, rather brilliantly calling us Bridie Jackson & The Airbox. Perhaps a rename is on the cards…

Carol – Oh, and it snowed that evening over the Greenpeace area. Beautiful, surreal and magical.

Thursday 27th June

Bridie – On Thursday morning we scrambled our way up to Worthy FM for a live session and interview with the lovely Steve Bilsborough, who compered on the night of the Glastonbury ETC. It was grand to see him again and talk through the rather amazing few months we’ve had since winning the competition.

Carol – During our quietest song Michael Eavis did a fly by in his fighter jet. At least we think it was him!

Rachel – On Thursday afternoon the rain started, giving us good reason to get out and about in our glamorous wellies – it wouldn’t have felt like a proper Glastonbury without a bit of rain and mud!

Jenny – In the evening we battled through the elements, loaded ourselves into the back of a battered old van, and were deposited at the Interstage area behind the Pyramid (much like the Rolling Stones’ experience of arriving I’m sure), where we performed as part of The Opening Number, a backstage event put on by Greenpeace for some of the Glastonbury performers and crew. While we were there we bumped into our chum Dermot O’Leary, who was kind enough to do an interview for our Glasto documentary, with an unusual twist to it, and we even managed to ensnare a rather bemused Caroline Flack to join in!

Wednesday 26th June

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Bridie – We all arrived on site at various points on Wednesday, along with our entourage of husbands, sisters, boyfriends and our friend AB, who is making a documentary of our time at Glastonbury.

Once we were all on site, had erected and admired each other’s tents, and had shared a celebratory bottle of champagne, we went on a bit of a reccy, led by Jenny, who is something of a Glasto veteran and, luckily for the rest of us, knows her way around. We had a look round the different stages we would be playing on, arriving just in time to see a glitter ball the size of a house being put up in the Acoustic Tent! Initially, being on site was rather overwhelming, but as we got to know the site we started to really enjoy ourselves…

23rd June, 2013


So, we are back up North after a very enjoyable trip to London to appear on Dermot O’Leary’s Radio 2 show. Anyone that missed it can listen on the link below. If you pay great attention, you might even catch Dermot O’Leary’s dulcet tones singing along to the chorus of our Justin Timberlake cover, at about two and a half hours in…


Highlights of the day include; Swapping anti-histamines with the wonderful star of Peepshow, Isy Suttie, Lisa Tarbuck openly swooning over our harmonies as she walked past during a rehearsal, and Bridie winning two toys from the E claw at Watford gap services on the way home. An excellent trip all round.

22nd June, 2013

So, today, we are in heading to London in our trusty Arbourmobile to play a set for Dermot-apostrophe after the- O’Leary, on his award winning radio two show. As well as having a chat, and playing our latest single, ‘Scarecrow’ we will also be debuting an R and B flavoured cover that we’ve had a bit too much fun putting together. All will be revealed soon…

14th June, 2013

Evening everyone,

So, it’s been a couple of months since we won the won The 2013 Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition and I think it’s fair to say, we have’nt quite stopped pinching ourselves yet. However, we discovered recently that we are on the official Glastonbury App, so there is no disputing it! For anyone remotely interested, here are our stage times;

Thursday, 11.00am. Worthy FM
Friday 4.00pm. The Bandstand
Saturday 11.50am. Acoustic Tent (Prize Slot)
Sunday 11.30am Avalon Stage

The night of the competition (Which was also Bridie’s 30th birthday) was a very fun and relaxed affair, largely due to the amazing ETC team and the great attitude of the bands involved. The music played , the cider was plentiful, and by the time Martin Elbourne announced the result, it’s fair to say we were a little unprepared for the news. In fact, we were joyfully partying in the back of the room, and Bridie actually toppled over (Xfactor style) in sheer surprise. Good times…

Since then, it’s been a hectic few months in Arbour towers. Amongst other things, we’ve been gigging, recording our new single, and putting on our own festival, (The Walled Garden Festival) and ofcourse, preparing for our Glastonbury excursion with great excitement…

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