Village Greens 2019

Village GreensGlastonbury Village Greens have been going since 2015, and have been successful in encouraging sustainable camping and care of your camping spaces.

Where you see the Willow tracks  amid the sea of tents – in Park Home, Oxlyers (near the Other Stage), and around the new pier – follow them and camp alongside. Our crew will welcome you.

Along the tracks you’ll find our crew and a wide Glastonbury Village Green, that you can also camp around. Each Green will have a Campfire, and a BIG Flag so you can find it! The community will grow around these tracks, these Village Greens, and soon you’ll be chatting around the campfire about which bands you’re off to see; how much better the toilets are than they used to be; and how well you’re camping and recycling. You’ll find that people around these Glastonbury Village Greens are not only friendly and helpful, they all take their tents and stuff home at the end. It’s that easy!

If you know the Green fields – Green Futures and Permaculture Garden – you’ll be used to the relaxed environment, the ethics and principles of living within limits in harmony with the environment, and caring for people and planet – for the future.

Permaculture ethics: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Shares!

Glastonbury Village Greens aren’t stewards and it is not part of our role to tell campers what to do, or act as any kind of authority – there are no high-vis jackets or radios in the villages. But if you come and camp with us, we’ll know you want to camp in a way that Leaves No Trace.

So use the Greens, it’s your space and you should feel that you are able to use it as such – we’ve had some wonderful spontaneous late night campfire gigs, free tea afternoons, craft sessions and other brilliantly creative uses of the spaces we take care of for you. We’ll ensure we all have adequate supplies of recycling bags and we’ll support the Worthy Warriors, Stewards and all our campers helping to keep the site clean.

Village Greens also work alongside the Worthy Warriors. Introduced a few years back, the Worthy Warriors are members of the public who have volunteered to operate in conjunction with campsite stewards to minimise waste and keep the site clean. Keep an eye out for them; get to know them near your campsite and support them when they are handing out the recycling bags!

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