Village Greens

Village GreensDo you remember back in 2015, there were whispers of these magical villages filled with lovely people who helped you find a good place to set your tent up, gave you rubbish bags, and built you campfires? And in 2016 how more of these little villages cropped up all over site? Well this year, village greens are back with a bang!

The Village Greens were established with Green Villager volunteers from a range of places, including Green Futures who come to site a few days before the general public to construct beautiful open communal spaces in the campsite for all to enjoy. You may remember colourful willow paths, sprouting from the main tracks, creative archways, and benches made from foraged logs. These villages were made of a permaculture design, to make everyone’s camping experience that little bit better.

With the Village Greens it is easier to locate your tent, find your way to the toilet or the water, or even the main track during the night, as well as have access to a local source of recycling bags to help you love the farm. These villages are social hubs, as well as logistic tools, and allow you to have a space to sit and talk the night away with your neighbours for the weekend, all in front of a fully stocked fire.

The volunteers are always on hand too. They can help you pack your tents down, give you information on what can be donated where should you wish to donate things at the end of your festival experience, and perhaps even lend you a can opener or some other utensil you are bound to forget! They can also give you information on where you can find your local stewards, or where the first aid point is.

This year, the Village Greens are marked on the Glastonbury map, so you can aim for them straight away when you arrive. Keep your eyes peeled for our famous willow walkways, and for the flags erected in camp.

The Village Greens are founded on the principles of permaculture; people care, earth care, and fair share. The volunteers work closely with Green Futures and Permaculture, as well as the stewards and security staff to promote sustainable camping, looking out for one another, and looking after the land which gives us this glorious festival year in year out.

We can’t wait to welcome you onto the Village Greens this year, for what we are certain will be our most successful year yet.

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