The future

Magically, somehow through all the chaos and disturbances, this Oak Tree and the hedges around it have survived.  We need to continue loving, caring and respecting it.  We know we are very lucky to have Michael and his family looking after it and being aware of its great value.   We need to keep surrounding it with human use and the energy of all ages that gather around it throughout the year, and especially at festival time.

We very much see this as an ongoing project – the Oak Tree is intrinsically linked to the Festival, but it is also intrinsically linked to the land and society around it.   The fact is that this tree survived when thousands of other Oak Trees didn’t….and that in itself is worth investigating and recording.

“I’ve just seen your project on Facebook, although I don’t have any memories of the tree (yet!) I think your project is great.  I’ve been to the festival for 5 years and find there is so much wonderful stuff going on that’s it’s hard to see it all. Finding out about the tree and this project makes the festival all that more special for me.  Thank you for looking after the tree.”  Sadie (added 4 August 2012)

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