We have ignition - Arcadia unveils its 2016 line-up!

May 24, 2016

2016 sees Arcadia return in a vivid flash of sensory mayhem. The Metamorphosis show charts the fate of abductees plucked from the crowd as they are morphed into evolved new beings. With jellyfish swooping from the skies, creatures crawling overhead, musical lightning firing from performers in the midst of the crowd and ground breaking technological innovations coming to life, all roads lead to the Spider’s hilltop lair to explore new dimensions, new heights of interactivity and new depths of immersion.

2016 will also see the launch of a new experimental performance by Arcadia as The Mechanical Orchestra is born from the heart of the beast. Riding frequencies from across the musical spectrum and firing them through the particle accelerator, no-one knows quite what to expect and the only clue has been the Worthy cows mooing a renegade chant as they stumbled across a top secret rehearsal.

This year also sees a viewing platform installed at Arcadia for the disabled, while Arcadia will be working to encourage a respectful and positive campsite culture and offering a free T-shirt to anyone who collects three full bags of recycling to help leave no trace.

This is Arcadia – Glastonbury 2016. We have ignition.

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