NHS Blood and Transplant


Be this year’s headline act.

There are many great acts at Glastonbury, but the greatest is the act of giving blood. It’s a lifesaver.

In 2015, NHS Blood and Transplant were chosen as Glastonbury Festival’s health campaign of the year. They made a big appearance in the Green Futures field. Festival-goers were invited to sign up to be a blood donor, and have a bit of fun being a ‘headliner’ on the Drop Stage.

And all because 6,000 blood donations are needed every day – for surgery, in cancer treatments and to care for new mums and babies. And because blood can only be stored for 35 days, we need your help more than ever before. We need 200,000 new blood donors this year and every year to keep up with demand.

So be this year’s headline act, register as a blood donor today at blood.co.uk/Glastonbury


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