SWIMBY The Musical

Think of a musical and you might imagine the romance of West Side Story or the glamour of Chicago. But this new community musical [currently being written] has a different setting and tackles a very different subject: how do a motley group of ordinary, argumentative people persuade their make-do-and-mend, muddle-through market town to embrace community food and energy schemes and become more resilient?

What would it be like if, one day, we did something special in our lives? If we made a difference?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful!

Faced with the challenge of climate change, there are lots of things we can do to make a difference in our lives and our own communities; Maybe join the local transition group or support a community energy project. But it’s not easy working with people you hardly know who are so different from you.

This musical explores the social challenges involved in spending time with people who are sometimes your friends, but often people you don’t even really like that much in the pursuit of creating a better world.

Let’s make something extraordinary, something that’s more than you that’s more than me. Let’s make something wonderful in our back yard.

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