1,731 wishes left for Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace Tower

July 11, 2014


For the 2014 Glastonbury Festival our Oak Tree Project was lucky enough to join up with Yoko Ono’s IMAGINE PEACE TOWER project.

Each day under the Oak Tree – the oldest on the Festival site, situated within the Green Kids Field – they had some of Yoko Ono’s WISH TREES. Everyone, young and old, was invited to make their wishes and put them on the trees. There were some of Yoko’s IMAGINE PEACE pencils specially made for Glastonbury 2014, for people to keep.

It was so popular that we developed “outreach” wish trees in the Craft field and in the Peace Garden at the Stone Circle.

At the end of the Festival the wishes have all been sent off to be taken to Iceland to the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER that Yoko made as a memorial to John Lennon, and as a beam of light to aid World Peace.  Find out more at IMAGINEPEACETOWER.com.

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