2011 Pilton Palais programme revealed

June 3, 2011

We’re very pleased to announce the programme for this year’s Pilton Palais Cinema Tent (which you’ll find in the Acoustic Field). It’s a top notch line-up of films, which includes no fewer than three advance preview screenings of films which don’t get officially released until after the Festival.

A first for this year is that all films are DCP’s (Digital Cinema Packages’s) which is rapidly becoming the standard format for commercial cinemas, with more than four times the resolution of DVDs. This also enables the tent to show 3D and they have six of the most popular 3D titles from the last 12 months, plus a hugely anticipated surprise 3D film on Sunday. The sound system is also set up for Dolby 7.1 channel sound.

See below for the programme – and click here for synopses of all the films. All films are listed in first to last running order.

Thursday (3pm-3.30am)

Despicable Me U 96mins
Thor 12A 114mins
Source Code 12A 93mins
Killing Bono 15 114mins
APS Count Down To Zero 15 91mins
APS Hobo With A Shotgun 90mins
Friday (11am-3.30am)

Rio U 95mins
Rango PG 107mins
Made in Dagenham 15 113mins
The King’s Speech 12A 118mins
APS The Honey Killer Unrated (Advisory 15) 90mins
The Social Network 12A 120mins
APS Life in a day 12 95mins
Saturday (11am-3.30am)
Megamind PG 95mins
Tangled U 100mins
Submarine 15 97mins
Sucker Punch 12A 110mins
Pirates 4 12A 141mins
127 Hours 15 94mins
Adjustment Bureau 12A 106mins
APS Upside Down: The Creation Records Story 15 101mins
Sunday (11am-3am)

Surprise 3D Film U
Tron Legacy PG 125mins
Rio Breaks 12A 85mins
Monsters 12A 94mins
Paul 15 104mins
Inception 12A 148mins
The Fighter 15 116mins

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