"And from the heavens shall come an iron beast" Arcadia's 2015 line-up is announced

May 29, 2015

And from the heavens shall come an iron beast. Wreathed in fire and light and emitting a vibrational pulse, it shall descend upon the leylines of Glastonbury. Verily shall it connect with our world and look deep inside our souls. It shall bring euphoric unity as it journeys to the farthest reaches of our planet, until in the year of our Lord 2015, it shall return to Albion’s twin bases.
Spellbindingly shall it sweep into an enchanted gathering of celebrants, mystics, revellers and mildly interested cows at Glastonbury, where the bearded one doth dwell. And then on to the nearby city of Bristol, where tribes drink of the sacred apple and resist conformity with a sturdy cheer. Upon that axis shall a metamorphosis begin.
Giordano McNutter, 1523

Arcadia Glastonbury Lineup - 2015

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