Be the band with Oxfam DIY

June 23, 2009

After revamping Oxfam’s Camden shop, designer Mrs. Jones is now giving Oxfam’s two stalls at Glastonbury a high fashion makeover and will be offering the same service to Festival-goers themselves. From high fashion to high glam Mrs. Jones will use Oxfam clothes to create unique looks for Glastonbury goers, and they can learn her tricks themselves at one of her Oxfam DIY workshops.

The Oxfam DIY Be The Band Marquee (in The Park area) will give festival-goers the opportunity to become the band / artist of their choice. After a makeover, participants will have a quick photoshoot, and, to top it all off they get to keep their outfits, so by Sunday, the Glastonbury site will be awash with Pretend Prodigys, Spurious Springsteens and Mock-Up Madnesses.

The Be The Band Marquee will also feature acoustic performances (7pm daily) while in the Shop / DIY Marquee (in the Main Market Area) there will be Daily DIY workshops hosted by Mrs Jones; on Thursday festival-goers can benefit from the ‘Prepare For The Festival’ theme while on Saturday, once those inhibitions have been left in a muddy ditch near the Pyramid Stage, the theme is High Glam: ‘The Big Look’!

So head to the Oxfam marquees for lots of fancy dress fun! 


Oxfam DIY Schedule

Thursday 12.00 – 2.00 pm – Mrs Jones ‘Get Ready’ workshop at the DIY shop, in the Market Place

Friday 12.00 – 2.00 pm   – Dress for the Catwalk workshop at the DIY shop, in the Market Place

Saturday 12.00 – 2.00 pm – Mrs Jones ‘High Glam – The Big Look’ workshop at the DIY shop, in the Market Place 

Oxfam marquee opening hours:

Shop / DIY Marquee:
from Wednesday to Sunday 10am-late

Be the Band Marquee: from Wednesday to Sunday 10am-6.30pm 

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