Day four in pictures

June 27, 2009

More of Jason Bryant’s pictures from Saturday on the site…

Springsteen rocks the Pyramid Stage

Crosby, Stills & Nash on the Pyramid

Mr Albarn and Mr Enfield

Dizzee Rascal on the Pyramid

Kasabian on the Pyramid

"Come onnnnn!"

Keith Flint

Paolo Nutini on the Other Stage

Pendulum got the Other Stage jumping

Peter Doherty on the Other Stage

The Pyramid crowd

The Pyramid crowd, again

Rolf Harris on the Jazz World

Rolf’s whopping crowd

Spinal Tap turning it up to 11 on the Pyramid

Some afternoon pics from around the Festival Site…

Look at the clouds, marvelous!

when you have to sleep, it doesn’t matter where you fall.

A Minature city that springs up for all of 5 days.

8, 9, 10 – Here I come, ready or not.

We see you.

Doing the ‘cool’ walk across the Other Stage field.

‘Pity the Fool’ – Who knew, Mr T needs time out to.

The answer my friend…..

It’s hot and I’m loving it.

Even Imperial troops need time out to party.

There was an almighty crash… further down the road.

Some pictures from Darren Cornwell, taken from very early morning on Friday onwards…

At the G-Stage, Dance Field

Seen wandering through the Pyramid backstage area.

Ah, sweet love in the dance field early Saturday morning.

Here’s a bunch of happy campers.

Just chilling in the grass – Dance West

Even the Fire Stewards are getting in the mood.

Danger, Danger!! Don’t touch.

Always time for some eloquent words here.

A giant B, it’s huge!

That is if you can find it!

It’s a giant cat / dog – found down in Trash City.

Try fitting your potatoes in the back of that….

Just what you were expecting, a huge hanging skull.

Look out! Scorpion.

We have everything here, even your dirty undies.

A lone stranger, wandering planks of wood…

A huge wall of Graffiti covers Shangra-La.

The sun is out, but the mud hasn’t all dried up… just yet.

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